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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Safety and dwelling in SingaporeYuen, B. 
2005Searching for place identity in SingaporeYuen, B. 
2011Seasoned Equity Issuance by Japan and Singapore REITsOng, S.E. ; Ooi, J.T.L. ; Kawaguichi, Y.
2008Securitising China real estate: A tale of two China-centric REITsQuek, M.C.H.; Ong, S.E. 
2004Selectivity, quality adjustment and mean reversion in the measurement of house valuesHwang, M. ; Quigley, J.M.
2015Selectivity, spatial autocorrelation and the valuation of transit accessibilityDiao, Mi 
2011Sequential sales of similar assets: The law of one price and real estateMunneke, H.; Ooi, J.T. ; Sirmans, C.F.; Turnbull, G.K.
2010Share value as determinant of strata owners' bundle of rights in collective sales in SingaporeChristudason, A. 
2010Shareholder activism and director retirement plans repealsOng, S.-E. ; Petrova, M.; Spieler, A.C.
2008Shariah compliance in real estate investmentIbrahim, M.F.B. ; Ong, S.E. 
2012Shariah compliant real estate development financing and investment in the Gulf Cooperation CouncilIbrahim, M.F. ; Ong, S.E. ; Akinsomi, K.
2009Shariah property investment in AsiaIbrahim, M.F. ; Eng, O.S. ; Parsa, A.
5-Apr-2007Shopping patterns and determinants of shopping center success in a transition economy : The case of Beijing, ChinaCHEN XIN
16-Mar-2005Shortages of middle-income owner-occupied housing in Dhaka - Failures of government or market?FAWZIA FARZANA (TULI)
2011Singapore's changing spacesSoh, E.Y.X.; Yuen, B. 
2003Singapore's competitiveness as a global city: Development strategy, institutions and business environmentSim, L.-L. ; Ong, S.-E. ; Agarwal, A.; Parsa, A.; Keivani, R.
2002Singapore's internet shoppers and their impact on traditional shopping patternsSim, L.L. ; Koi, S.M.
5-Aug-2011Social Capital Across Different Residential Communities in ChinaYUAN XU
2011Solar radiation performance evaluation for high density urban forms in the tropical contextHii, D.J.C. ; Heng, C.K. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. ; Zhang, J. ; Ibrahim, N.; Huang, Y.C.; Janssen, P. 
2007Spatial autocorrelations and urban housing market segmentationTu, Y. ; Sun, H.; Yu, S.-M.