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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Net asset value discounts for Asian-Pacific real estate companies: Long-run relationships and short-term dynamicsLiow, K.H. ; Li, Y.
2006Network connectivity and office occupiers' space decision: The case of Suntec CitySing, T.F. ; Ooi, J.T.L. ; Wong, A.L.; Lum, P.K.K.
17-Jan-2004Neural network forecasts of Singapore property stock returns using accounting ratiosLIU JIAFENG
2008Nonlinear return dependence in major real Estate marketsLiow, K.H. ; Webb, J.R.
2009Office Construction in Singapore and Hong Kong: Testing Real Option ImplicationsFu, Y. ; Jennen, M.
2007Office price index lagging in Singapore and Hong KongHui, E.C.M.; Yu, K.H.; Ho, D.K.H. 
2012Optimal Portfolio Choices, House Risk Hedging and the Pricing of Forward House TransactionsFan, G.-Z.; Pu, M.; Ong, S.E. 
2012Optimal Pricing Strategy in the Case of Price Dispersion: New Evidence from the Tokyo Housing MarketDeng, Y. ; Gabriel, S.A.; Nishimura, K.G.; Zheng, D.
27-May-2004Optimal real estate development in a competitive market with effects of externalities and developers' reputationDONG ZHI
7-Jan-2005Optimal timing of real estate development - A real options and game theoretical frameworkCHU YONGQIANG
2007Optimal timing of real estate investment under an asymmetric duopolyChu, Y.; Sing, T.F. 
2010Outsourcing and computers: Impact on urban skill level and rentLiao, W.-C. 
19-Aug-2004Perception of quality of residential environment and its relationship with overall quality of life in SingaporeHALEPOTO MUMTAZ ALI
2010Permanent and temporary retail space: Shoppers' perceptions of in-line stores and retail carts in SingaporeIbrahim, M.F. ; Chua, C.P.
2007Place remaking under property rights regimes: A case study of Niucheshui, SingaporeZhu, J. ; Sim, L.-L. ; Liu, X.
2006Planned urban industrialization and its effect on urban industrial real estate valuation: The Singapore experienceMing, Y.S. ; Hin, H.K. 
2001Planning and design of Tampines, an award-winning high-rise, high density township in SingaporeTuan Seik, F. 
2005Polycentric urban development and spatial clustering of condominium property values: Singapore in the 1990sHan, S.S. 
2016Population estimation using a 3D City Model: A multi-scale country-wide study in the NetherlandsBiljecki F. ; Ohori K.A.; Ledoux H.; Peters R.; Stoter J.
16-Apr-2007Predicting house prices for Singapore condominium resale market : A comparison of two modelsZHOU QIN