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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2004Macroeconomic risk and excess returns of property stocks: Some international evidenceHUANG QIONG
2006Macroeconomic risk influences on the property stock marketLiow, K.H. ; Ibrahim, M.F. ; Huang, Q.
1-Aug-2011Managerial Risk-Taking and Secured Debt: Evidence from REITSWEI YUAN
2013Manipulating higher dimensional spatial informationArroyo Ohori, Ken; Stoter, Jantien; Ledoux, Hugo; Filip Biljecki 
2002Market fundamentals, public policy and private gain: House price dynamics in SingaporeLum, S.K. 
24-Apr-2007Market timing and REIT capital structure changesLI YING (HT040939B)
2004Market-led policy measures for urban redevelopment in SingaporeLum, S.K. ; Sim, L.L. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. 
2012Model Stability and the Subprime Mortgage CrisisAn, X.; Deng, Y. ; Rosenblatt, E.; Yao, V.W.
2015Modeling a 3D city model and its levels of detail as a true 4D modelOhori K.A.; Ledoux H.; Biljecki F. ; Stoter J.
20-Sep-2018Modeling Cities and Landscapes in 3D with CityGMLKen Arroyo Ohori; Filip Biljecki ; Kavisha Kumar; Hugo Ledoux; Jantien Stoter
2007Modeling the structure of CV formation and expectations: The commercial retail real estate sectorHo, K.H. 
2007Modeling the value of view in high-rise apartments: A 3D GIS approachYu, S.-M. ; Han, S.-S. ; Chai, C.-H.
9-Jun-2008Modelling rent performance of shopping center stores in shopping clusterXIE YAJUN
2006Modelling shopping centre choices: Effects of car ownership on clothing shopping in SingaporeIbrahim, M.F. ; McGoldrick, P.J.
2006Moral hazard, effort sensitivity and compensation in asset-backed securitizationFan, G.-Z. ; Ong, S.E. ; Sing, T.F. 
2-Feb-2009Mortgage Market in SingaporeOng, S.E. 
2012Mortgage market, character and trends. ChinaDeng, Y. ; Fei, P.
2-Feb-2009Mortgage Markets WorldwideBen-Shahar, D.; Leung, C.K.Y.; Ong, S.E. 
2002Mortgagor motivations in prepayments for adjustable rate mortgagesOng, S.-E. ; Maxam, C.L.; Thang, D.C-L. 
18-Apr-2006Multi-project interactive effect on optimal development timing strategyHUANG YINGYING