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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Idiosyncratic Risk and REIT ReturnsOoi, J.T.L. ; Wang, J.; Webb, J.R.
20-Feb-2008Idiosyncratic risk and the cross-section of REIT returnsWANG JINGLIANG
2010Idiosyncratic risk, market risk and correlation dynamics in the US real estate investment trustsLiow, K.H. ; Addae-Dapaah, K. 
2005Impact of information and communications technology on real estate space: Perspective of office occupiersSing, T.F. 
24-Mar-2007Impact of orientation on residential property valueHE XIXIA
2005Impediments to the success of collective sales: Lessons for the property consultantChristudason, A. 
2002Implementing environmental management systems in construction: Lessons from quality systemsOfori, G. ; Gang, G. ; Briffett, C. 
2003Improvements and integration of a public transport system: The case of SingaporeIbrahim, M.F. 
2015Improving the consistency of multi-LOD cityGML datasets by removing redundancyBiljecki F. ; Ledoux H.; Stoter J.
Nov-2001Improving the flow of serviced land in the formal housing markets of less developed countriesSivam, A. ; Evans, D.
2011In the march of high-riseYuen, B. 
2002Income and social inequality in China: Impact on consumption and shopping patternsWong, G.K.-M. ; Yu, L.
2002Industrial globalisation and its impact on Singapore's industrial landscapeZhu, J. 
2010Industrial real estate investment: Does the contrarian strategy work?Addae-Dapaah, K. ; Webb, J.R.; Ho, K.H.D. ; Tan, Y.F.
2004Inflation hedging characteristics of the Chinese real estate marketChu, Y.; Sing, T.F. 
26-Jun-2014Information, Search Efficiency, and Neighborhood Social Interactions in Residential Housing Choice.QIU LEIJU
2012Inshoring: The geographic fragmentation of production and inequalityLiao, W.-C. 
2015Installed base registration of decentralised solar panels with applications in crisis managementAarsen R.; Janssen M.; Ramkisoen M.; Biljecki F. ; Quak W.; Verbree E.
16-Aug-2006Institutional changes for land redevelopment in transitional China: A property rights approach to the case of Jinhuajie, GuangzhouLIU XUAN