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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Breakeven Determination of Loan Limits for Reverse Mortgages under Information AsymmetryPu, M.; Fan, G.-Z.; Deng, Y. 
2002Business performance of surveying firms: A data-driven path modelTay, L. 
2008Buyer exuberance and price premiumNeo, P.H. ; Ong, S.E. ; Tu, Y. 
2012Can Bank Lines of Credit Protect REITs against a Credit CrisisOoi, J.T.L. ; Wong, W.-C.; Ong, S.-E. 
2003Car ownership and attitudes towards transport modes for shopping purposes in SingaporeIbrahim, M.F. 
29-Dec-2005Cash flow volatility and dividend policyDAI JING
2011CDO market implosion and the pricing of subprime mortgage-backed securitiesDeng, Y. ; Gabriel, S.A.; Sanders, A.B.
2013Changes in the white-black house value distribution gap from 1997 to 2005Fesselmeyer, E.; Le, K.T.; Seah, K.Y. 
2008Choice of property management system for residential strata developments in SingaporeChristudason, A. 
27-Aug-2018CityGML Application Domain Extension (ADE): overview of developmentsFilip Biljecki ; Kavisha Kumar; Claus Nagel
Dec-2013Clarification of collective land rights and its impact on non-agricultural land use in the Pearl River Delta of China: A case of ShundeTian, L.; Zhu, J. 
2009Client influence on valuation: Does language matter? A comparative between Taiwan and SingaporeYao Chen, F.; Ming Yu, S. 
2011Climate change and sustainable urban development in Africa and AsiaYuen, B. ; Kumssa, A.
2009Climate change and urban planning in South East AsiaYuen, B. ; Kong, L. 
2012Co-movements and Correlations Across Asian Securitized Real Estate and Stock MarketsHiang Liow, K. 
2005Co-skewness and co-kurtosis in global real estate securitiesLiow, K.H. ; Chan, L.C.W.J.
2013Collective Action Dilemmas in Condominium ManagementChu, F.-N.; Chang, C.-O.; Sing, T.F. 
2010Collective sales and related valuation issues: A Singapore case studyLim, L.Y. 
2001Collective sales of private housing estates, government intervention and the erosion of property rights: The Singapore experienceSim, L.-L. ; Lum, S.-K. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. 
2013Commercial Mortgage Workout Strategy and Conditional Default Probability: Evidence from Special Serviced CMBS LoansChen, J.; Deng, Y.