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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Age segregation and the quality of life of the elderly people in studio apartmentsAddae-Dapaah, K. 
2002Ageing in place-is home modification a viable solution for Singapore?Wong, G.K.M. ; Addae-Dapaah, K. 
2010An analysis of the financing decisions of REITs: The role of market timing and target leverageOoi, J.T.L. ; Ong, S.-E. ; Li, L.
Mar-2020An application-driven LOD modeling paradigm for 3D building modelsTang, Lei; Ying, Shen; Li, Lin; Biljecki, Filip ; Zhu, Haihong; Zhu, Yi; Yang, Fan; Su, Fei
18-May-2004An approach to conceptualizing the environmental image of an urban locality for planningJAGATH NANDANA MUNASINGHE
20-Aug-2010An assessment of international real estate securities market integration.LIU JINGRAN
2005An empirical analysis of Singapore households' upgrading mobility behaviour: From public homeownership to private homeownershipTu, Y. ; Kwee, L.K.; Yuen, B. 
21-Jan-2014An Evaluation of Land Use Development Processes For The Knowledge Based Urban Development (KBUD) Using Agent Based Modelling.RENGARAJAN SATYANARAIN
11-May-2009An examination of the risk-return behavior for real estate mezzanine - The Singapore experienceHE YUNFAN
14-Dec-2005An examination of value anomaly in REIT returnsZHOU DINGDING
2016An improved LOD specification for 3D building modelsBiljecki F. ; Ledoux H.; Stoter J.
20-Nov-2003An institutional analysis of China's urban development: Case study of real estate market in transitional ChongqingWANG YONG
2004Analysis of credit risks in asset-backed securitization transactions in SingaporeSing, T.F. ; Ong, S.E. ; Fan, G. ; Sirmans, C.F.
2007Analyst activity and firm value: Evidence from the REIT sectorDevos, E.; Ong, S.E. ; Spieler, A.C.
2005Animal welfare and nature conservation laws in Singapore: A moral duty to non-human nature?Chun, J. 
2009Anne Haila's 'The market as the new emperor'Zhu, J. 
2015Applications of 3D city models: State of the art reviewBiljecki F. ; Stoter J.; Ledoux H.; Zlatanova S.; Çöltekin A.
2012Appraisal and cost-benefit analysisAddae-Dapaah, K. 
Apr-2013Are REITs a good shelter from financial crises? Evidence from the Asian marketsChiang, M.-C.; Tsai, I.-C.; Sing, T.-F.