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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Rac1 GTPase is activated by hepatitis B virus replication - involvement of HBXTan, T.L.; Fang, N.; Zhang, J.; Chan, V.; Chen, W.N.; Neo, T.L.; Singh, P.; Zhou, R.; Koh, C.-G.; Lim, S.G. 
1-Nov-2013Racial differences and relationships between gestational thyrotropin and free thyroxine in a multiracial Asian populationLoh, T.P.; Khoo, C.M. ; Lim, P. ; Sethi, S.K. 
1997Racial differences in Helicobacter pylori seroprevalence in Singapore: Correlation with differences in peptic ulcer frequencyKang, J.Y. ; Yeoh, K.G. ; Ho, K.Y. ; Guan, R. ; Lim, T.P.; Quak, S.H. ; Wee, A. ; Teo, D.; Ong, Y.W.
Apr-2014Racial disparities in early mortality in 1,134 young patients with acute strokeTsivgoulis, G.; Putaala, J.; Sharma, V.K. ; Balucani, C.; Martin-Schild, S.; Giannopoulos, S.; Batala, L.; Krogias, C.; Palazzo, P.; Shahripour, R.B.; Arvaniti, C.; Barlinn, K.; Strbian, D.; Haapaniemi, E.; Flamouridou, M.; Vadikolias, K.; Heliopoulos, I.; Voumvourakis, K.; Triantafyllou, N.; Azarpazhooh, M.R.; Athanasiadis, D.; Kosmidou, M.; Katsanos, A.H.; Vasdekis, S.N.; Stefanis, L.; Stamboulis, E.; Piperidou, C.; Tatlisumak, T.; Alexandrov, A.V.
9-Mar-2012RACK1 promotes non-small-cell lung cancer tumorigenicity through activating sonic hedgehog signaling pathwayShi, S.; Deng, Y.-Z.; Zhao, J.-S.; Ji, X.-D.; Shi, J.; Feng, Y.-X.; Li, G.; Li, J.-J.; Zhu, D.; Koeffler, H.P. ; Zhao, Y.; Xie, D.
2010Radial Versus Femoral Access in Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: A Matched-Pairs Analysis in an Asian Cohort.Agahari Fransisca; Lee, C.-H. ; Xia, Hong Yan; Tan, Huay Cheem ; Yeo, Tiong Cheng; Teo, Swee Guan; Low, Fatt Hoe Adrian ; Chan, Yan Yee Mark
1-Apr-2011Radiation-induced cranial nerve palsy: A cross-sectional study of nasopharyngeal cancer patients after definitive radiotherapyKong, L.; Lu, J.J. ; Liss, A.L. ; Hu, C.; Guo, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, Y.
1974Radioimmunoassay of human growth hormoneCheah, J.S. ; Nakhoda, A.H.
1980Radioimmunoassay of prolactinGwee, H.M.; Chua, D.; Yeo, P.P.B. ; Cheah, J.S. ; Lim, P. 
1980Radioimmunoassay of prolactinGwee, H.M.; Chua, D.; Yeo, P.P.B.; Cheah, J.S. ; Lim, P.
Feb-2014Randomized clinical trial of cutting balloon angioplasty versus high-pressure balloon angioplasty in hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula stenoses resistant to conventional balloon angioplastyAftab, S.A.; Tay, K.H. ; Irani, F.G.; Gong Lo, R.H.; Gogna, A.; Haaland, B. ; Tan, S.G. ; Chng, S.P.; Pasupathy, S.; Choong, H.L. ; Tan, B.S. 
15-Apr-2013Randomized trial of everolimus-facilitated calcineurin inhibitor minimization over 24 months in renal transplantationCibrik, D.; Silva Jr., H.T.; Vathsala, A. ; Lackova, E.; Cornu-Artis, C.; Walker, R.G.; Wang, Z.; Zibari, G.B.; Shihab, F.; Kim, Y.S.
2006Randomized, double-blind study of emtricitabine (FTC) plus clevudine versus FTC alone in treatment of chronic hepatitis BLim, S.G. ; Krastev, Z.; Ng, T.M.; Mechkov, G.; Kotzev, I.A.; Chan, S.; Mondou, E.; Snow, A.; Sorbel, J.; Rousseau, F.
2009Randomized, parallel, double-blind comparison of the ulcer-healing effects of ilaprazole and omeprazole in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcersHo, K.Y. ; Kuan, A.; Zano, F.; Goh, K.L.; Mahachai, V.; Kim, D.Y.; Yoon, H.M.
1985Ranitidine in the acute treatment of duodenal ulcer. A double-blind placebo-controlled trialYap, I. ; LaBrooy, S.J.; Tay, H.H. ; Guan, R. ; Kang, J.Y. 
Dec-1993Rapid desktop method for the measurement of glycated haemoglobin HbA1c.Thai, A.C. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Lui, K.F.; Cheah, J.S. 
1993Rapid desktop method for the measurement of glycated haemoglobin HbA1c.Thai, A.C. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Lui, K.F.; Cheah, J.S. 
2010Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus Panton-Valentine Leukocidin in clinical specimens by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunochromatographic testsBadiou, C.; Dumitrescu, O.; Bes, M.; Vandenesch, F.; Etienne, J.; Lina, G.; Meugnier, H.; George, N.; Nimmo, G.R.; Forbes, A.R.N.; Hulten, K.G.; Drougka, E.; Spiliopoulou, I.; Chan, K.S.; Ramdani-Bouguessa, N.; Tazir, M.; Hsu, L.Y. 
1994Rapid shallow breathing (frequency-tidal volume ratio) did not predict extubation outcomeLee, K.H.; Hui, K.P. ; Chan, T.B.; Tan, W.C. ; Lim, T.K. 
1994Rapid shallow breathing (frequency-tidal volume ratio) did not predict extubation outcomeLee, K.H.; Hui, K.P. ; Chan, T.B. ; Tan, W.C. ; Lim, T.K.