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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Biopsy-proved acute tubulointerstitial nephritis and toxic epidermal necrolysis associated with vancomycinHsu, S.I.-H. 
2009Bisphosphonates and atrial fibrillation: Bayesian meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials and observational studiesMak, A. ; Cheak, A.A.-C. ; Cheung, M.W. ; Ho, R.C.-M. ; Lau, C.S.
1981Blood glucose control and diabetic microangiopathyCheah, J.S. 
Apr-2006Blurred vision and dizziness. Ocular flutter.Seet, R.C. ; Lim, E.C. 
2015BOB CAT: A large-scale review and delphi consensus for management of Barrett's esophagus with no dysplasia, indefinite for, or low-grade dysplasiaBennett C; Moayyedi P; Corley D.A; Decaestecker J; Falck-Ytter Y; Falk G; Vakil N; Sanders S; Vieth M; Inadomi J; Aldulaimi D; Ho K.-Y ; Odze R; Meltzer S.J; Quigley E; Gittens S; Watson P; Zaninotto G; Iyer P.G; Alexandre L; Ang Y; Callaghan J; Harrison R; Singh R; Bhandari P; Bisschops R; Geramizadeh B; Kaye P; Krishnadath S; Fennerty M.B; Manner H; Nason K.S; Pech O; Konda V; Ragunath K; Rahman I; Romero Y; Sampliner R; Siersema P.D; Tack J; Tham T.C.K; Trudgill N|Weinberg D.S; Wang J; Wang K; Wong J.Y.Y ; Attwood S; Malfertheiner P; MacDonald D; Barr H; Ferguson M.K; Jankowski J.
1991Botulinum toxin in the treatment of facial dyskinesiasChong, P.N. ; Ong, B. ; Chan, R.
1990Botulinum toxin in the treatment of hemifacial spasmChong, P.N. 
2009Botulinum toxin injection to treat belly dancers dyskinesiaLim, E.C.H. ; Seet, R.C.S. 
2006Botulinum toxin injections to reduce adiposity: Possibility, or fat chance?Lim, E.C.H. ; Seet, R.C.S. 
2007Botulinum toxin, Quo Vadis?Lim, E.C. ; Seet, R.C. 
2006Botulinum toxin-A injections for spastic toe clawingLim, E.C.H. ; Ong, B.K.C. ; Seet, R.C.S. 
2006Botulinum toxin-A injections via electrical motor point stimulation to treat writer's cramp: Pilot studyLim, E.C.-H. ; Seet, R.C.S. ; Quek, A.M.L.
2006Botulinum toxin-A injections via electrical motor point stimulation to treat writer's cramp: pilot study.Lim, E.C. ; Quek, A.M.; Seet, R.C. 
2006Botulinum toxin: A novel therapeutic option for bronchial asthma?Lim, E.C.H. ; Ong, B.K.C. ; Oh, V.M.S. ; Seet, R.C.S. 
2008Botulinum toxin: Description of injection techniques and examination of controversies surrounding toxin diffusionLim, E.C.-H. ; Seet, R.C.S. 
1993Brain infarction and neck calistenics [4]Oh, V.M.S. 
Aug-2013Brain natriuretic peptide-guided management of chronic heart failure: First do no harmRichards, A.M. 
2014Brain-computer interface for neurorehabilitation: Looking beyond upper limbsGuan, C.; Yang, H.; Ang, K.K.; Phua, K.S.; Yu, J.; Wang, C.; Chua, K.; Chew, E. 
1993Breaking-in after the insertion of Tenckhoff catheters: a comparison of two techniques.Lye, W.C.; Giang, M.M.; van der Straaten, J.C.; Lee, E.J. 
20-Mar-2003Breast cancer cell line proliferation blocked by the Src-related Rak tyrosine kinaseMeyer, T.; Xu, L.; Chang, J.; Lui, E.T. ; Craven, R.J.; Cance, W.G.