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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A chinese version of the Rheumatology Attitudes Index is a valid and reliable measure of learned helplessness in patients with SLEThumboo, J. ; Feng, P.-H.; Chan, S.-P.; Boey, M.-L.; Thio, S.-T.; Fong, K.-Y.
2006A Chinese woman with a pruritic facial plaque: Part ITan, K.-B. ; Lee, Y.-S. ; Wong, S.-T. 
2008A clinical trial of a whole-virus H5N1 vaccine derived from cell cultureEhrlich, H.J.; Berezuk, G.; Fritsch, S.; Low-Baselli, A.; Vartian, N.; Bobrovsky, R.; Pavlova, B.G.; Pollabauer, E.M.; Kistner, O.; Barrett, P.N.; Muller, M.; Joukhadar, C.; Oh, H.M.L.; Tambyah, P.A. ; Fisher, D. ; Montomoli, E.
1997A comparative study of the distribution of ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin in prostatic tissues after simultaneous oral ingestionPng, J.C.D. ; Tan, E.; Foo, K.T.; Li, M.K.; Cheng, C. ; Rekhraj, I.R.
1985A comparative study of three methods of glycosylated haemoglobin measurementsChan, L.; Thai, A.C.; Yeo, P.P.B.; Cheah, J.S. 
2007A comparison of the use of endothelial progenitor cell capture stent and a bare metal stent in the setting of acute myocardial infarctionCo, Melissa; Tay, E.; Tan, H.C. ; Lim, Y.T. ; Low, A. ; Lee, C.-H. ; Lim, J.; Lim, I.H.
2009A comparison of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in an inception cohort of patients with and without systemic lupus erythematosusLetchumanan, P.; Ng, H.-J.; Lee, L.-H.; Thumboo, J. 
23-Apr-2009A comprehensive review of catheter-associated urinary tract infections: Pathogenesis, risk factors, clinical and laboratory features and contribution to hospital costs, morbidity and mortalityPAUL ANANTHARAJAH TAMBYAH
Nov-2006A core skills simulation module.Lim, E.C. ; Seet, R.C. ; Ong, B.K. 
2009A cost analysis of Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT): an Asian perspectiveYong, C.; Sklar, G.E. ; Li, S.-C. ; Fisher, D.A. 
2015A direct heating model to overcome the edge effect in microplatesLau Chun Yat; Alifa Afiah Ahmad Zahidi; Liew Oi Wah ; Ng Tuck Wah
1-May-2014A disrupted RNA editing balance mediated by ADARs (Adenosine DeAminases that act on RNA) in human hepatocellular carcinomaChan, T.H.M.; Lin, C.H.; Qi, L.; Fei, J.; Li, Y.; Yong, K.J.; Liu, M.; Song, Y.; Chow, R.K.K.; Ng, V.H.E.; Yuan, Y.-F.; Tenen, D.G. ; Guan, X.-Y.; Chen, L. 
21-Jul-2011A dosimetric skin study on postmastectomy breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapyWONG MEI MEI, SHARON
2006A double-blind placebo-controlled study of emtricitabine in chronic hepatitis BLim, S.G. ; Ng, T.M.; Guan, R.; Kung, N.; Krastev, Z.; Volfova, M.; Husa, P.; Lee, S.S.; Chan, S.; Shiffman, M.L.; Washington, M.K.; Rigney, A.; Anderson, J.; Mondou, E.; Snow, A.; Sorbel, J.; Rousseau, F.
Oct-2009A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized phase II pilot study to investigate the potential efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine neuroaid (MLC 601) in enhancing recovery after stroke (TIERS)Kong, K.H.; Wee, S.K.; Ng, C.Y.; Chua, K.; Chan, K.F.; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Chen, C. 
2007A feature selection method for multilevel mental fatigue EEG classificationShen, K.-Q. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Hui, Z.; Li, X.-P. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
1-Mar-2010A febrile blood donorTang, J.W.; Ng, Y. ; Koay, E.S.C. ; Leow, G.H.; Yap, E.S.; Chan, D.; Tan, L.K. ; Tambyah, P.A. 
2010A genome-wide association study of nasopharyngeal carcinoma identifies three new susceptibility lociBei, J.-X.; Jia, W.-H.; Feng, B.-J.; Chen, L.-Z.; Feng, Q.-S.; Kang, T.; Liu, J.; Zeng, Y.-X.; Li, Y.; Low, H.-Q.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, H.; He, F.; Tai, E.S. ; Liu, E.T.
Apr-2013A genomic portrait of the emergence, evolution, and global spread of a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus pandemicHolden, M.T.G.; Hsu, L.-Y. ; Kurt, K.; Weinert, L.A.; Mather, A.E.; Harris, S.R.; Strommenger, B.; Layer, F.; Witte, W.; De Lencastre, H.; Skov, R.; Westh, H.; Žemličková, H.; Coombs, G.; Kearns, A.M.; Hill, R.L.R.; Edgeworth, J.; Gould, I.; Gant, V.; Cooke, J.; Edwards, G.F.; McAdam, P.R.; Templeton, K.E.; McCann, A.; Zhou, Z.; Castillo-Ramírez, S.; Feil, E.J.; Hudson, L.O.; Enright, M.C.; Balloux, F.; Aanensen, D.M.; Spratt, B.G.; Fitzgerald, J.R.; Parkhill, J.; Achtman, M.; Bentley, S.D.; Nübel, U.
2009A global study of pathogens and host risk factors associated with infectious gastrointestinal disease in returned international travellersSwaminathan, A.; Torresi, J.; Schlagenhauf, P.; Thursky, K.; O'Brien, D.P.; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Connor, B.A.; Schwartz, E.; vonSonnenberg, F.; Keystone, J.