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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2012Tafazzin regulates human conjunctiva epithelial cell proliferation via inhibiting TGFβ signaling pathwayTan, X.W.; Beuerman, R.W.; Poh, C.K.; Mehta, J.S. 
13-May-2013Targeted ANP32E Mutant Mice Do Not Demonstrate Obvious Movement DefectsWong, P. ; Leo, V.I.; Low, M.; Mak, T.W.; Zhang, X. ; Reilly, P.T.
4-Jun-2013Targeting Aurora B to the Equatorial Cortex by MKlp2 Is Required for CytokinesisKitagawa, M. ; Fung, S.Y.S. ; Onishi, N.; Saya, H.; Lee, S.H. 
10-Feb-2014Targeting host factors to treat West Nile and dengue viral infectionsKrishnan, M.N.; Garcia-Blanco, M.A. 
18-Jun-2013Targeting of the MNK-eIF4E axis in blast crisis Chronic myeloid leukemia inhibits leukemia stem cell functionLim, S. ; Saw, T.Y.; Zhang, M.; Janes, M.R.; Nacro, K.; Hill, J.; Lim, A.Q.; Chang, C.-T.; Fruman, D.A.; Rizzieri, D.A.; Tan, S.Y.; Fan, H.; Chuah, C.T.H.; Ong, S.T.
2012Targeting phosphorylation of eukaryotic initiation factor-2α to treat human diseaseFullwood, M.J. ; Zhou, W. ; Shenolikar, S. 
Sep-2012Targeting triple-negative breast cancer: Optimising therapeutic outcomesGelmon, K.; Dent, R. ; Mackey, J.R.; Laing, K.; Mcleod, D.; Verma, S.
2007Targets of genome copy number reduction in primary breast cancers identified by integrative genomicsChen, W.; Tan, L.K.; Tan, P. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Ito, Y. ; Palanisamy, N.; Ganesan, K.; Hou, Q.; Wu, J.; Sii, L.H.; Tan, B.; Tay, A.; Tan, K.C.; Ang, E.; Tan, B.K.; Tan, P.H. ; Ito, K. 
20-Aug-2012Taurine induces proliferation of neural stem cells and synapse development in the developing mouse brainShivaraj, M.C.; Marcy, G. ; Low, G.; Ryu, J.R.; Zhao, X.; Rosales, F.J.; Goh, E.L.K. 
4-Dec-2012Teacher led school-based surveillance can allow accurate tracking of emerging infectious diseases - evidence from serial cross-sectional surveys of febrile respiratory illness during the H1N1 2009 influenza pandemic in SingaporeSoh, S.E. ; Cook, A.R. ; Chen, M.I.C. ; Lee, V.J. ; Cutter, J.L.; Chow, V.T.K.; Tee, N.W.S.; Lin, R.T.P.; Lim, W.-Y. ; Barr, I.G.; Lin, C.; Phoon, M.C.; Ang, L.W.; Sethi, S.K.; Chong, C.Y.; Goh, L.G.; Goh, D.L.M.; Tambyah, P.A.; Thoon, K.C.; Leo, Y.S.; Saw, S.M. 
Sep-2007Teaching medical students about health literacy: 2 Chicago initiativesHarper, W.; Cook, S. ; Makoul, G.
May-2012Team-based learning: A practical guide: AMEE Guide No. 65Parmelee, D.; Michaelsen, L.K.; Cook, S. ; Hudes, P.D.
2015Technical reproducibility of single-nucleotide and size-based DNA biomarker assessment using DNA extracted from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissuesZhang Shenli ; Tan Bee Huat Iain ; Nur Sabrina Bte Sapari ; Grabsch H.I.; Okines A.; Smyth E.C.; Aoyama T.; Hewitt L.C.; Inam I.; Bottomley D.; Nankivell M.; Stenning S.P.; Cunningham D.; Wotherspoon A.; Tsuburaya A.; Yoshikawa T.; Soong Chuan Teck Richie ; Tan Boon Ooi Patrick 
2015Telomerase regulates MYC-driven oncogenesis independent of its reverse transcriptase activityKoh C.M.; Khattar Ekta; Leow Shi Chi; Liu Chia Yi; Muller Julius; Ang Wei Xia; Li Yinghui; Franzoso Guido; Li Shang ; Guccione Ernesto ; Tergaonkar Vinay 
Apr-2009Temporal lobe volume in bipolar disorder: Relationship with diagnosis and antipsychotic medication useJones, L.D.; Payne, M.E.; Messer, D.F.; Beyer, J.L.; MacFall, J.R.; Krishnan, K.R.R. ; Taylor, W.D.
9-Oct-2010Temporal transcriptomic profiling reveals cellular targets that govern survival in HOCl-mediated neuronal apoptosisYap, Y.W.; Chen, M.J.; Choy, M.S. ; Peng, Z.F.; Whiteman, M.; Manikandan, J.; Melendez, A.J.; Cheung, N.S.
29-Nov-2011Temporally structured metapopulation dynamics and persistence of influenza A H3N2 virus in humansBahl, J.; Nelson, M.I.; Chan, K.H.; Chen, R.; Vijaykrishna, D. ; Halpin, R.A.; Stockwell, T.B.; Lin, X.; Wentworth, D.E.; Ghedin, E.; Guan, Y.; Peiris, J.S.M.; Riley, S.; Rambaut, A.; Holmes, E.C.; Smith, G.J.D.
2012Tensor factorization for missing data imputation in medical questionnairesDauwels, J.; Garg, L.; Earnest, A. ; Pang, L.K.
Jan-2012The 'correlates' in neural correlates of consciousnessDe Graaf, T.A.; Hsieh, P.-J. ; Sack, A.T.
Jul-2010The 2007 dengue outbreak in SingaporeOoi, E.E.; Wilder-Smith, A.; Ng, L.C.; Gubler, D.J.