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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2012N-acetylcysteine in children with dengue-associated liver failure: A case reportLim, G.; Lee, J.H. 
Dec-2012Nano-sized albumin-copolymer micelles for efficient doxorubicin deliveryWu, Y.; Shih, E.K.; Ramanathan, A.; Vasudevan, S. ; Weil, T. 
Apr-2011Nanofibrous scaffold with incorporated protein gradient for directing neurite outgrowthHandarmin; Tan, G.J.Y.; Sundaray, B.; Marcy, G.T. ; Goh, E.L.K. ; Chew, S.Y.
May-2013Nanofibrous scaffold-mediated REST knockdown to enhance neuronal differentiation of stem cellsLow, W.C.; Rujitanaroj, P.-O.; Lee, D.-K.; Messersmith, P.B.; Stanton, L.W.; Goh, E. ; Chew, S.Y.
2014Nanoscale helium ion microscopic analysis of collagen fibrillar changes following femtosecond laser dissection of human corneaRiau, A.K.; Poh, R.; Pickard, D.S. ; Park, C.H.J.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Mehta, J.S. 
5-Mar-2014Nanostring-based multigene assay to predict recurrence for gastric cancer patients after surgeryLee, J.; Sohn, I.; Do, I.-G.; Kim, K.-M.; Park, S.H.; Park, J.O.; Park, Y.S.; Lim, H.Y.; Sohn, T.S.; Bae, J.M.; Choi, M.G.; Lim, D.H.; Min, B.H.; Lee, J.H.; Rhee, P.L.; Kim, J.J.; Choi, D.I.; Tan, I.B.; Das, K.; Tan, P. ; Jung, S.H.; Kang, W.K.; Kim, S.
Nov-2009Nasopharyngeal carriage of streptococcus pneumoniae in gambian children who participated in a 9-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine trial and in their younger siblingsCheung, Y.-B. ; Zaman, S.M.A.; Nsekpong, E.D.; Van Beneden, C.A.; Adegbola, R.A.; Greenwood, B.; Cutts, F.T.
Mar-2013Nationwide improvement of door-to-balloon times in patients with acute st-segment elevation myocardial infarction requiring primary percutaneous coronary intervention with out-of-hospital 12-lead ecg recording and transmissionOng, M.E.H. ; Wong, A.S.L.; Seet, C.M.; Teo, S.G.; Lim, B.L.; Ong, P.J.L.; Lai, S.M.; Ong, S.H.; Lee, F.C.Y.; Chan, K.P.; Anantharaman, V.; Chua, T.S.J.; Pek, P.P.; Li, H.
30-Sep-2010Natural attenuation of dengue virus type-2 after a series of island outbreaks: A retrospective phylogenetic study of events in the South Pacific three decades agoSteel, A.; Gubler, D.J. ; Bennett, S.N.
Jan-2014Near-atomic resolution cryo-electron microscopic structure of dengue serotype 4 virusKostyuchenko, V.A. ; Chew, P.L. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Lok, S.-M. 
Aug-2012Necrotizing fasciitis following endovenous laser treatment and stab avulsions of lower-limb varicose veinsAftab, S.A.; Sng, K.W.-E.; Tay, K.H. 
Mar-2013Nectin-4-dependent measles virus spread to the cynomolgus monkey tracheal epithelium: Role of infected immune cells infiltrating the lamina propriaFrenzke, M.; Sawatsky, B.; Wong, X.X.; Delpeut, S.; Mateo, M.; Cattaneo, R.; Von Messling, V. 
May-2013Negative regulatory responses to metabolically triggered inflammation impair renal epithelial immunity in diabetes mellitusChen, N.K.F.; Chong, T.W.; Loh, H.-L.; Lim, K.H.; Gan, V.H.L.; Wang, M.; Kon, O.L. 
2017Neonatal neural networks predict children behavioral profiles later in lifeWee, C. Y. ; T. A. Tuan; B. F. Broekman ; M. Y. Ong; Y. S. Chong ; K. Kwek ; L. P. Shek ; S. M. Saw ; P. D. Gluckman ; M. V. Fortier; M. J. Meaney; A. Qiu 
26-Mar-2013Network Connections That Evolve to Circumvent the Inverse Optics ProblemNg, C. ; Sundararajan, J. ; Hogan, M. ; Purves, D. 
1-Apr-2014Network dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia: Implications for psychiatryZhou, J. ; Seeley, W.W.
16-Feb-2015NeuO: A fluorescent chemical probe for live neuron labelingEr, Jun Cheng; Leong, Cheryl; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Yuan, Qiang ; Merchant, Paolomi; Dunn, Matthew; Sulzer, David; Sames, Dalibor; Bhinge, Akkshay; Kim, Dongyoon; Kim, Seong-Min; Yoon, Myung-Han; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Hyunsoo, Shawn Je ; Yun, Seong-Wook; Chang, Young-Tae 
Jul-2009Neurobiological pathways that link gene and environment: Early life stress disorderKrishnan, K.R.R. ; Taylor, W.D.
Nov-2011Neuroimaging in postinfectious demyelination and nutritional disorders of the central nervous systemTchoyoson Lim, C.C. 
Jul-2008Neuropsychiatry - An emerging fieldLee, T.-S. ; Ng, B.-Y.; Lee, W.-L.