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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2010Mad2 inhibits the mitotic kinesin MKlp2Lee, S.H. ; McCormick, F.; Saya, H.
2015Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measures of Brain Structure to Predict Antidepressant Treatment Outcome in Major Depressive DisorderKorgaonkar M.S.; Rekshan W.; Gordon E.; Rush, Augustus John ; Williams L.M.; Blasey C.; Grieve S.M.
Jul-2013Major trends in the manifestations and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in a multiethnic cohort in SingaporeKoh, E.T.; Tan, J.W.L.; Thong, B.Y.-H.; Teh, C.L.; Lian, T.Y.; Law, W.G.; Earnest, A. ; Kong, K.O.; Lau, T.C.; Cheng, Y.K.; Howe, H.S.; Yong, W.H.; Chia, F.L.-A.; Chng, H.H.; Leong, K.P.
2010Making sense of kleptomania: Clinical considerationsChee, K.T.; Sim, K.; Lee, T.S. ; Ng, B.Y.
22-Oct-2015Making the next steps in psoriatic arthritis management: current status and future directionsSritheran, Diviya; Leung, Ying Ying 
1-Mar-2011Mammographic density and its interaction with other breast cancer risk factors in an Asian populationWong, C.S. ; Lim, G.H.; Gao, F. ; Jakes, R.W.; Offman, J.; Chia, K.S. ; Duffy, S.W.
Nov-2013Management of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Asia: Resource-stratified guidelinesTan, D.; Tan, S.Y. ; Lim, S.T. ; Kim, S.J.; Kim, W.-S.; Advani, R.; Kwong, Y.-L.
2008Management of challenges of conjugal loss among chinese widowers: An exploratory studyWoo, I. ; Chan, C.; Chow, A.; Ho, R.
Nov-2009Management of hepatocellular carcinoma in Asia: consensus statement from the Asian Oncology Summit 2009Poon, D.; Anderson, B.O.; Chen, L.-T.; Tanaka, K.; Lau, W.Y.; Van Cutsem, E.; Singh, H.; Chow, W.C.; Ooi, L.L. ; Chow, P. ; Khin, M.W.; Koo, W.H.
Jun-2009Management of novel influenza epidemics in Singapore: Consensus recommendations from the Hospital Influenza Workgroup (Singapore)Ang, B.; Archuleta, S. ; Chiew, Y.F.; Chlebicki, M.P.; Chua, A.; Fisher, D.A. ; Hsu, L.Y.; Kang, M.L.; Koh, Y.L.; Kurup, A. ; Lee, C.C. ; Leo, Y.S. ; Leong, H.N.; Lim, P.L.; Ling, L.M.; Ling, M.L. ; Lye, D.C.B.; Tambyah, P. ; Tan, T.T. ; Wilder-Smith, A. 
Feb-2010Management of survival guilt by a Chinese widower through the use of continuing bondsWoo, I.M.H. ; Chan, C.L.W.
Feb-2011Mandatory menu labeling in one fast-food chain in king county, WashingtonFinkelstein, E.A. ; Strombotne, K.L. ; Chan, N.L.; Krieger, J.
May-2012Manual suction versus femtosecond laser trephination for penetrating keratoplasty: Intraocular pressure, endothelial cell damage, incision geometry, and wound healing responsesAngunawela, R.I.; Riau, A.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Tan, D.T.; Mehta, J.S. 
1-Apr-2014Massively parallel sequencing of patients with intellectual disability, congenital anomalies and/or autism spectrum disorders with a targeted gene panelBrett, M.; McPherson, J.; Zang, Z.J.; Lai, A.; Tan, E.-S.; Ng, I.; Ong, L.-C.; Cham, B.; Tan, P. ; Rozen, S. ; Tan, E.-C.
21-Feb-2013Mast Cell Interleukin-10 Drives Localized Tolerance in Chronic Bladder InfectionChan, C.; St. John, A.; Abraham, S. 
Jan-2015Mast cell mediator responses and their suppression by pathogenic and commensal microorganismsChoi, H.W.; Abraham, S.N. 
17-Nov-2011Mast cell modulation of the vascular and lymphatic endotheliumKunder, C.A.; St John, A.L. ; Abraham, S.N.
26-Oct-2009Mast cell-derived particles deliver peripheral signals to remote lymph nodesKunder, C.A.; St. John, A.L.; Li, G.; Leong, K.W.; Berwin, B.; Staats, H.F.; Abraham, S.N. 
22-Nov-2009Mast Cells Augment Adaptive Immunity by Orchestrating Dendritic Cell Trafficking through Infected TissuesShelburne, C.P.; Nakano, H.; St. John, A.L.; Chan, C.; McLachlan, J.B.; Gunn, M.D.; Staats, H.F.; Abraham, S.N. 
5-Nov-2015Maternal blood pressure during pregnancy and early childhood blood pressures in the offspringLim, Wai Yee; Lee, Yung Seng ; Yap, Kok Peng Fabian ; Aris, Izzudin Mohd.; Lek, Ngee ; Meaney, Michael J.; Gluckman, Peter David ; Godfrey, Keith M.; Kwek, Yung Chiang Kenneth ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Saw, Seang Mei ; Pan, An