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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 Promotes Flaviviridae Entry and ReplicationLe Sommer, C.; Barrows, N.J.; Bradrick, S.S.; Pearson, J.L.; Garcia-Blanco, M.A. 
Jul-2009G-CSF induces a potentially tolerant gene and immunophenotype profile in T cells in vivoToh, H.C.; Sun, L.; Soe, Y.; Wu, Y.; Phoon, Y.P.; Chia, W.K.; Wu, J.; Wong, K.Y.; Tan, P. 
7-Nov-2011G12 signaling through c-jun nh 2-terminal kinase promotes breast cancer cell invasionJuneja, J.; Cushman, I.; Casey, P.J. 
Jul-2013Gastric cancer pathology and underlying molecular mechanismsGrabsch, H.I.; Tan, P. 
Dec-2011Gefitinib vs. chemotherapy as first-line therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: Meta-analysis of phase III trialsKu, G.Y.; Haaland, B.A. ; de Lima Lopes, G.
Mar-2011Gender differences in Singaporean Chinese patients with schizophreniaLee, J. ; Jiang, J.; Sim, K.; Tay, J.; Subramaniam, M.; Chong, S.-A.
13-Jun-2012Gender modulates the APOE ε4 effect in healthy older adults: Convergent evidence from functional brain connectivity and spinal fluid tau levelsDamoiseaux, J.S.; Seeley, W.W.; Zhou, J. ; Shirer, W.R.; Coppola, G.; Karydas, A.; Rosen, H.J.; Miller, B.L.; Kramer, J.H.; Greicius, M.D.
2013Gene Expression Profiling of Peripheral Blood Leukocytes Shows Consistent Longitudinal Downregulation of TOMM40 and Upregulation of KIR2DL5A, PLOD1, and SLC2A8 Among Fast Progressors in Early Alzheimer's DiseaseChong, Mei Sian; Goh, Liang Kee ; Lim, Wee Shiong; Chan, Mark; Tay, Laura; Chen, Gengbo ; Feng, Lei ; Ng, Tze Pin ; Tan, Chay Hoon ; Lee, Tih Shih 
2013Gene profiling suggests a common evolution of bladder cancer subtypesHansel, D.E.; Zhang, Z.; Petillo, D.; Teh, B.T. 
15-Jul-2010Gene regulation and tumor suppression by the bromodomain-containing protein BRD7Mantovani, F.; Drost, J.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Del Sal, G.; Agami, R.
2012Genetic analysisSmith, G.J.D. ; Bahl, J. ; Vijaykrishna, D. 
Jan-2011Genetic analysis of "leucine-rich repeat (LRR) and immunoglobulin (Ig) domain-containing, Nogo receptor-interacting protein-1 (LINGO1)" in two independent Chinese parkinson's disease populationsWu, Y.-R.; Tan, E.-K. ; Chen, C.-M.; Kumar, P.M.; Lee-Chen, G.-J.; Chen, S.-T.
Aug-2012Genetic analysis of LRRK2 A419V variant in ethnic ChineseLi, N.-N.; Tan, E.-K. ; Chang, X.-L.; Mao, X.-Y.; Zhang, J.-H.; Zhao, D.-M.; Liao, Q.; Peng, R.
2012Genetic and bioinformatic analyses of the expression and function of PI3K regulatory subunit PIK3R3 in an Asian patient gastric cancer libraryZhou, J. ; Chen, G.B.; Tang, Y.C. ; Sinha, R.A.; Wu, Y.; Yap, C.S.; Wang, G.; Hu, J.; Xia, X.; Tan, P. ; Goh, L.K. ; Yen, P.M.
2011Genetic and structural variation in the gastric cancer kinome revealed through targeted deep sequencingZang, Z.J.; Ong, C.K.; Cutcutache, I. ; Yu, W.; Zhang, S.L.; Huang, D.; Ler, L.D.; Dykema, K.; Gan, A.; Tao, J.; Lim, S.; Liu, Y.; Futreal, P.A.; Grabsch, H.; Furge, K.A.; Goh, L.K. ; Rozen, S. ; Teh, B.T.; Tan, P. 
27-Nov-2013Genetic association study between STK39 and CCDC62/HIP1R and Parkinson's diseaseLi, N.-N.; Tan, E.-K. ; Chang, X.-L.; Mao, X.-Y.; Zhang, J.-H.; Zhao, D.-M.; Liao, Q.; Yu, W.-J.; Peng, R.
Sep-2013Genetic contributions to myopic refractive error: Insights from human studies and supporting evidence from animal modelsHawthorne, F.A.; Young, T.L. 
Sep-2012Genetic evolution of the neuraminidase of influenza a (H3N2) viruses from 1968 to 2009 and its correspondence to haemagglutinin evolutionWestgeest, K.B.; de Graaf, M.; Fourment, M. ; Bestebroer, T.M.; van Beek, R.; Spronken, M.I.J.; de Jong, J.C.; Rimmelzwaan, G.F.; Russell, C.A.; Osterhaus, A.D.M.E.; Smith, G.J.D.; Smith, D.J. ; Fouchier, R.A.M.
2013Genetic insights into sporadic Parkinson's disease pathogenesisChai, C. ; Lim, K.-L. 
Feb-2011Genetic marker linking Inflammation with Sporadic Parkinson's DiseaseTan, E.K.