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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013Factors influencing infection by pandemic influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 over three epidemic waves in SingaporeChen, M.I.C. ; Cook, A.R. ; Lim, W.Y. ; Lin, R.; Cui, L.; Barr, I.G.; Kelso, A.; Chow, V.T.; Leo, Y.S.; Hsu, J.P.; Shaw, R.; Chew, S.; Yap, J.K.; Phoon, M.C.; Koh, H.W.L.; Zheng, H.; Tan, L.; Lee, V.J. 
2013Familial correlation of retinal vascular caliber in Singapore ChineseLi, L.-J.; Liao, J.; Fan, Q.; Cheung, Y.C.-L. ; Kamran Ikram, M.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. ; Wong, T.-Y. 
Feb-2009Family history of depression and therapeutic outcome: Findings from STAR*DHusain, M.M.; Rush, A.J. ; Wisniewski, S.R.; McClintock, S.M.; Fava, M.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Davis, L.; Balasubramani, G.K.; Young, E.; Albala, A.A.; Trivedi, M.H.
Aug-2010Family history, near work, outdoor activity, and myopia in Singapore Chinese preschool childrenLow, W.; Dirani, M.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Zhou, H.-J.; Selvaraj, P.; Eong, K.-G.A.; Young, T.L. ; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. 
Jun-2013Family-centered rounds in Pakistani pediatric intensive care settings: Non-randomized pre- and post-study designLadak, L.A.; Premji, S.S.; Amanullah, M.M.; Haque, A.; Ajani, K.; Siddiqui, F.J. 
12-Feb-2011Fanconi anemia protein FANCD2 inhibits TRF1 polyADP-ribosylation through tankyrase1-dependent mannerLyakhovich, A. ; Ramirez, M.J.; Castellanos, A.; Castella, M.; Simons, A.M.; Parvin, J.D.; Surralles, J.
2011Fanconi's anemia in adulthood: Chemoradiation-induced bone marrow failure and a novel FANCA mutation identified by targeted deep sequencingTan, I.B.; Cutcutache, I. ; Zang, Z.J.; Iqbal, J.; Yap, S.F.; Hwang, W.; Lim, W.-T.; Teh, B.T.; Rozen, S. ; Tan, E.-H.; Tan, P. 
Aug-2013Faster scaling of auditory neurons in cortical areas relative to subcortical structures in primate brainsWong, P. ; Peebles, J.K.; Asplund, C.L. ; Collins, C.E.; Herculano-Houzel, S.; Kaas, J.H.
May-2013Faster scaling of visual neurons in cortical areas relative to subcortical structures in non-human primate brainsCollins, C.E.; Leitch, D.B.; Wong, P. ; Kaas, J.H.; Herculano-Houzel, S.
4-Apr-2014Fat storage-inducing transmembrane protein 2 is required for normal fat storage in adipose tissueMiranda, D.A. ; Kim, J.-H.; Nguyen, L.N.; Cheng, W.; Tan, B.C.; Goh, V.J.; Tan, J.S.Y.; Yaligar, J.; Kn, B.P.; Velan, S.S.; Wang, H.; Silver, D.L. 
Dec-2013Feasibility and validity of the ActiGraph GT3X accelerometer in measuring physical activity of Malawian toddlersPulakka, A.; Cheung, Y.B. ; Ashorn, U.; Penpraze, V.; Maleta, K.; Phuka, J.C.; Ashorn, P.
4-Jan-2011Feasibility of reconstructed ancestral H5N1 influenza viruses for cross-clade protective vaccine developmentDucatez, M.F.; Bahl, J. ; Griffin, Y.; Stigger-Rosser, E.; Franks, J.; Barman, S.; Vijaykrishna, D. ; Webb, A.; Guan, Y.; Webster, R.G.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Webby, R.J.
2-Nov-2014Feature extraction and classification for ultrasound images of lumbar spine with support vector machineTan, Kok Kiong ; Sng, Ban Leong ; Li, Shengjin; Sia, Alex Tiong Heng
May-2013Features of autism in a Singaporean child with down syndromeSung, M.; Ooi, Y.P. ; Law, G.C.; Goh, T.J.; Weng, S.J.; Sriram, B.
Sep-2013Feedback of personal retinal images appears to have a motivational impact in people with non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy and suboptimal HbA1c: Findings of a pilot studyRees, G.; Lamoureux, E.L. ; Nicolaou, T.E.; Hodgson, L.A.B.; Weinman, J.; Speight, J.
2008Feedback-mediated neuronal competition for survival cues regulates innervation of a target tissueLi, Y. ; Fivaz, M. 
Mar-2011Feeder-dependent and feeder-independent iPS cell derivation from human and mouse adipose stem cellsSugii, S. ; Kida, Y.; Berggren, W.T.; Evans, R.M.
Jun-2010Feeding patterns and behaviors during home supplementation of underweight Malawian children with lipid-based nutrient supplements or corn-soy blendFlax, V.L.; Phuka, J.; Cheung, Y.B. ; Ashorn, U.; Maleta, K.; Ashorn, P.
Mar-2012Femtosecond lenticule extraction (FLEx): Clinical results, interface evaluation, and intraocular pressure variationAng, M.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Angunawela, R.I.; Poh, R.; Riau, A.; Tan, D.; Mehta, J.S. 
18-May-2012Fenretinide prevents lipid-induced insulin resistance by blocking ceramide biosynthesisBikman, B.T.; Guan, Y.; Shui, G. ; Siddique, M.M. ; Holland, W.L.; Kim, J.Y.; Fabriàs, G.; Wenk, M.R.; Summers, S.A.