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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2014Dangerous liaisons: Flirtations between oncogenic BRAF and GRP78 in drug-resistant melanomasShenolikar, S. 
31-Aug-2018Data from: Development of the Combined Assessment of Risk Encountered in Surgery (CARES) surgical risk calculator for prediction of post-surgical mortality and need for intensive care unit admission risk ? a single-centre retrospective studyDiana Xin Hui Chan; Yilin Eileen Sim; Yiong Huak Chan ; Ruban Poopalalingam ; Hairil Rizal Abdullah 
15-Oct-2012Data-driven functional clustering reveals dominance of face, place, and body selectivity in the ventral visual pathwayVul, E.; Lashkari, D.; Hsieh, P.-J. ; Golland, P.; Kanwisher, N.
17-Sep-2013De novo ocular hypertension after Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty: Comparative 3-year incidence, risk factors, and outcomesChan, E.W.; Wong, T.T.; Htoon, H.M.; Ho, C.L.; Tan, D.T.; Mehta, J.S. 
Jun-2013Decellularized porcine saphenous artery for small-diameter tissue-engineered conduit graftXiong, Y.; Chan, W.Y.; Chua, A.W.C.; FENG JIAJUN ; Gopal, P.; Ong, Y.S.; Song, C. 
Apr-2013Deciphering the signaling networks underlying simvastatin-induced apoptosis in human cancer cells: Evidence for non-canonical activation of RhoA and Rac1 GTPasesZhu, Y.; Casey, P.J. ; Kumar, A.P. ; Pervaiz, S.
May-2011Deconvolution assessment of splenic and splanchnic contributions to portal venous blood flow in liver cirrhosisSan Koh, T. ; Hua Thng, C. ; Hartono, S.; Pin Choo, S.; Sing Ng, Q.; Khoo, J.B.K.; Bisdas, S.; Mu Koh, D.
2015Decreased left ventricular contractility and ventricular-arterial matching index correlation with n-terminal pro b-type natriuretic peptide in heart failureZhong L ; Wang Y.-J; Huang F.-Q; Ghista D; Tan R.-S 
Apr-2013Deep sequencing of the hepatitis B virus in hepatocellular carcinoma patients reveals enriched integration events, structural alterations and sequence variationsToh, S.T.; Jin, Y.; Liu, L.; Wang, J.; Babrzadeh, F.; Gharizadeh, B.; Ronaghi, M.; Toh, H.C.; Chow, P.K.-H. ; Chung, A.Y.-F; Ooi, L.L.P.-J.; Lee, C.G.-L.
20-Jul-2011Defending male fertilityRozen, S. 
Jul-2009Degree of differential prioritizationOoi, C. ; Chetty, M.; Teng, S.
2010Deletion of the WD40 domain of LRRK2 in zebrafish causes parkinsonism-like loss of neurons and locomotive defectSheng, D.; Qu, D.; Kwok, K.H.H.; Ng, S.S.; Aw, S.S.; Liu, J. ; Lim, A.Y.M.; Lufkin, T.; Sinnakaruppan, M.; Lee, C.W.H.; Sung, W.K. ; Tan, E.K. ; Jesuthasan, S. 
Nov-2016Demographic Characteristics, Health Behaviors Before and During Pregnancy, and Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes in Mothers with Different Pregnancy Planning StatusCheng T. S.; Loy S. L. ; Cheung Y. B. ; Godfrey K. M.; Gluckman P. D. ; Kwek K. ; Saw S. M. ; Chong Y. S. ; Lee Y. S. ; Yap F. ; Chan J. K. ; Lek N. 
2011Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic FeverOoi, E.E.; Gubler, D.J. 
2009Dengue in Southeast Asia: Epidemiological characteristics and strategic challenges in disease preventionOoi, E.; Gubler, D.J. 
Oct-2011Dengue protease activity: The structural integrity and interaction of NS2B with NS3 protease and its potential as a drug targetPhong, W.Y.; Moreland, N.J.; Lim, S.P.; Wen, D.; Paradkar, P.N.; Vasudevan, S.G. 
2012Dengue tools: Innovative tools and strategies for the surveillance and control of dengueWilder-Smith, A.; Renhorn, K.-E.; Tissera, H.; Bakar, S.A.; Alphey, L.; Kittayapong, P.; Lindsay, S.; Logan, J.; Hatz, C.; Reiter, P.; Rocklöv, J.; Byass, P.; Louis, V.R.; Tozan, Y.; Massad, E.; Tenorio, A.; Lagneau, C.; L'Ambert, G.; Brooks, D.; Wegerdt, J.; Gubler, D. 
2015Dengue vascular leakage is augmented by mast cell degranulation mediated by immunoglobulin Fcγ receptorsSyenina, Ayesa ; Jagaraj, Cyril Jones ; Aman, Siti Amanlina B. ; Sridharan, Aishwarya ; John, Ashley Lauren St 
22-May-2013Dengue Virus Neutralization in Cells Expressing Fc Gamma ReceptorsChawla, T. ; Chan, K.R.; Zhang, S.L.; Tan, H.C. ; Lim, A.P.C.; Hanson, B.J. ; Ooi, E.E. 
2011Dengue, Urbanization and globalization: The unholy trinity of the 21 st centuryGubler, D.J.