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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015B-vitamins and bone health�a review of the current evidenceDai Z; Koh W.-P 
Apr-2012Balancing self-renewal and differentiation by asymmetric division: Insights from brain tumor suppressors in Drosophila neural stem cellsChang, K.C.; Wang, C.; Wang, H. 
Jun-2013Barriers to preclinical investigations of anti-dengue immunity and dengue pathogenesisSt. John, A.L. ; Abraham, S.N.; Gubler, D.J. 
Jun-2013Barriers to preclinical investigations of anti-dengue immunity and dengue pathogenesisSt. John, A.L. ; Abraham, S.N.; Gubler, D.J. 
13-Aug-2015Bayesian estimation of varying-coefficient models with missing data, with application to the Singapore Longitudinal Aging StudyHuang, Zhipeng; Li, Jialiang ; Nott, David John ; Feng, Lei; Ng, Tze-Pin; Wong, Tien-Yin
4-Mar-2014Bayesian semiparametric predictive modeling with applications in dose-response predictionHaaland, B. ; Chiang, A.Y.
Apr-2011BDNF Val66Met genotype and 6-month remission rates in late-life depressionTaylor, W.D.; McQuoid, D.R.; Ashley-Koch, A.; MacFall, J.R.; Bridgers, J.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Steffens, D.C.
2014Bilineal T lymphoblastic and myeloid blast transformation in chronic myeloid leukemia with TP53 mutation-an uncommon presentation in adultsKrishnan, S.; Sabai, K.; Chuah, C. ; Tan, S.Y.
30-Apr-2009Biochemical abnormalities of the medial temporal lobe and medial prefrontal cortex in late-life depressionVenkatraman, T.N.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Steffens, D.C.; Song, A.W.; Taylor, W.D.
2015Biochemical properties and aggregation propensity of transforming growth factor-induced protein (TGFBIp) and the amyloid forming mutantsLakshminarayanan R; Chaurasia S.S ; Murugan E; Venkatraman A; Chai S.-M; Vithana E.N ; Beuerman R.W ; Mehta J.S 
Oct-2013Bioimage informatics approach to automated meibomian gland analysis in infrared images of meibographyCelik, T.; Lee, H.K.; Petznick, A.; Tong, L. 
Oct-2010Biological and ultrastructural properties of acelagraft, a freeze-dried γ-irradiated human amniotic membraneLim, L.S.; Poh, R.W.Y.; Riau, A.K.; Beuerman, R.W.; Tan, D.; Mehta, J.S. 
Mar-2007Biomaterials approach to expand and direct differentiation of stem cellsChai, C. ; Leong, K.W. 
2010Biosafety assessment of site-directed transgene integration in human umbilical cord-lining cellsSivalingam, J.; Krishnan, S.; Ng, W.H.; Lee, S.S.; Kon, O.L. ; Phan, T.T. 
30-Jul-2012Bipolar disorder, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Val66Met polymorphism and brain morphologyTeh, C.A.; Lee, T.-S.; Kuchibhatla, M.; Ashley-Koch, A.; MacFall, J.; Krishnan, R. ; Beyer, J.
Aug-2012blaOXA-181-positive Klebsiella pneumoniae, SingaporeKoh, T.H. ; Cao, D.Y.H.; Chan, K.S.; Wijaya, L.; Low, S.B.G.; Lam, M.S.; Ooi, E.E.; Hsu, L.-Y.
Jun-2011Blood donation and beyondHwang, W.Y.K. 
Jul-2012Blood pressure and retinal microvascular characteristics during pregnancy Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy outcomes (GUSTO) StudyLi, L.-J.; Cheung, C.Y.-L. ; Ikram, M.K.; Gluckman, P.; Meaney, M.J.; Chong, Y.-S.; Kwek, K.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. 
2009Body and disease 2008: An integrated course teaching pathology, pharmacology, immunology and microbiologyPuthucheary, J. ; Graham, D. ; Gullo, C. ; Chih, H.N. ; Oon, L. ; Yong, T.S. ; Cook, S. 
Dec-2017Body mass index trajectories in the first two years and subsequent childhood cardio-metabolic outcomes: a prospective multi-ethnic Asian cohort studyAris Izzuddin Bin Mohd; Chen, Ling Wei ; Mya, Thway Tint ; Pang, Wei Wei ; Soh, Shu-E ; Saw, Seang Mei ; Shek, Pei Chi Lynette ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Gluckman, Peter D. ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Godfrey, Keith M.; Kramer, Michael S. ; Lee, Yung Seng