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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-2011Intrinsic Epigenetic Factors Cooperate with the Steroid Hormone Ecdysone to Govern Dendrite Pruning in DrosophilaKirilly, D.; Wong, J.; Lim, E.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Wang, C.; Liao, Q.; Wang, H.; Liou, Y.-C. ; Wang, H. ; Yu, F. 
Aug-2011Intrinsic subtypes of gastric cancer, based on gene expression pattern, predict survival and respond differently to chemotherapyTan, I.B.; Ivanova, T.; Lim, K.H.; Ong, C.W. ; Deng, N. ; Lee, J.; Tan, S.H.; Wu, J.; Lee, M.H.; Ooi, C.H. ; Rha, S.Y.; Wong, W.K.; Boussioutas, A.; Yeoh, K.G.; So, J.; Yong, W.P. ; Tsuburaya, A.; Grabsch, H.; Toh, H.C.; Rozen, S. ; Cheong, J.H.; Noh, S.H.; Wan, W.K.; Ajani, J.A.; Lee, J.; Tellez, M.S. ; Tan, P. 
Feb-2010Introducing PACS to the late majority. a longitudinal studyHurlen, P.; Østbye, T. ; Borthne, A.; Gulbrandsen, P.
2010INVERTER: INtegrated variable number tandem rEpeat findeRWirawan, A.; Kwoh, C.K.; Hsu, L.Y.; Koh, T.H. 
Jul-2008Investigation and validation of intersite fMRI studies using the same imaging hardwareSutton, B.P.; Goh, J.; Hebrank, A.; Welsh, R.C.; Chee, M.W.L. ; Park, D.C.
9-Jan-2015Investigation of The Role of The Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway in Dengue Virus Life CycleCHOY MING JU, MILLY
2008Investigative methods and tools: Developing an integrated approach to critical thinking, evidence-based medicine and biostatisticsCam, H.T. ; Starmer, F. 
Dec-2008Involvement of academic health centers abroadWilliams, R.S. 
Feb-2012Involvement of SPARC and MMP-3 in the pathogenesis of human pterygiumSeet, L.-F.; Tong, L. ; Su, R.; Wong, T.T.
15-Dec-2010Iron species-mediated dopamine oxidation, proteasome inhibition, and dopaminergic cell demise: Implications for iron-related dopaminergic neuron degenerationZhou, Z.D. ; Lan, Y.H.; Tan, E.K. ; Lim, T.M. 
2015Is early-onset in major depression a predictor of specific clinical features with more impaired social function?Liu, Y.-H.; Chen, L.; Su, Y.-A.; Fang, Y.-R.; Srisurapanont M.; Hong, J.P.; Hatim A.; Chua, H.C.; DIANNE CARROL TAN BAUTISTA ; Si T.-M.
2009Is EQ-5D a valid quality of life instrument in patients with Parkinson's disease? A study in SingaporeLuo, N. ; Low, S.; Lau, P.-N.; Au, W.-L. ; Tan, L.C.S.
2014Is overweight and class i obesity associated with increased health claims costs?Østbye, T. ; Stroo, M.; Eisenstein, E.L.; Peterson, B.; Dement, J.
Jun-2012Is prior course of illness relevant to acute or longer-term outcomes in depressed out-patients? A STAR*D reportRush, A.J. ; Wisniewski, S.R.; Zisook, S.; Fava, M.; Sung, S.C.; Haley, C.L.; Chan, H.N.; Gilmer, W.S.; Warden, D.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Balasubramani, G.K.; Gaynes, B.N.; Trivedi, M.H.; Hollon, S.D.
Nov-2010Is the pediatric quality of life inventory valid for use in preschool children with refractive errors?Lamoureux, E.L.; Marella, M.; Chang, B.; Dirani, M.; Kah-Guan, A.E.; Chia, A.; Young, T.L. ; Wong, T.Y.; Saw, S.M. 
1-Jul-2016Is there a link between passive smoke exposure and early-onset myopia in preschool Asian children?Chua, Sharon Yu Lin; Ikram, Mohammad Kamran ; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Stone, Richard Alan; Cai, Shirong ; Gluckman, Peter D. ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Yap, Fabian Kok Peng ; Wong, Tien Yin ; Ngo, Cheryl Shufen; Saw, Seang-Mei 
Oct-2009Ischemic stroke in ethnic South AsiansDe Silva, D.A. ; Chang, H.-M. ; Woon, F.-P.; Chen, C.P.L.H. ; Wong, M.-C.
May-2006Isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase as a target for development of novel cancer therapeuticsWang, M. ; Casey, P.J. 
2-Nov-2012Isorhamnetin inhibits proliferation and invasion and induces apoptosis through the modulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ activation pathway in gastric cancerRamachandran, L.; Manu, K.A. ; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Li, F.; Siveen, K.S.; Vali, S.; Kapoor, S.; Abbasi, T.; Surana, R.; Smoot, D.T.; Ashktorab, H.; Tan, P. ; Ahn, K.S.; Yap, C.W. ; Kumar, A.P. ; Sethi, G.