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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Radiation transfer due to a point source in an inhomogeneous finite sphereWilson, S.J. 
Nov-1987Radiation transfer due to a point-source in an inhomogeneous finite sphereWilson, S.J. 
Sep-1990Radiative transfer in absorbing, emitting and linearly anisotropically scattering inhomogeneous solid spheresWilson, S.J. ; Nanda, T.R. 
May-1977Radiative transfer in an isothermal slab with anisotropic scatteringWan, F.S. ; Wilson, S.J. ; Sen, K.K.
1998Radicals and units in Ramanujan's workBerndt, B.C.; Chan, H.H. ; Zhang, L.-C.
2005Ramanujan and cranksBerndt, B.C.; Chant, H.H. ; Chan, S.H.; Liaw, W.-C.
Dec-1997Ramanujan's association with radicals in IndiaBerndt, B.C.; Chan, H.H. ; Zhang, L.-C.
Feb-2007Ramanujan's eisenstein series and powers of Dedekind's eta-functionChan, H.H. ; Cooper, S.; Toh, P.C. 
1998Ramanujan's modular equations and Atkin-Lehner involutionsChan, H.H. ; Lang, M.L. 
Aug-2009Ramanujan's series for 1/π: A surveyBaruah, N.D.; Berndt, B.C.; Chan, H.H. 
Jun-1998Ramanujan-Weber class invariant Gn and Watson's empirical processChan, H.H. 
2001Ramanujans class invariant λn and a new class of series for 1/πChan, H.H. ; Liaw, W.-C.; Tan, V. 
2002Random degree and essentiality for countably condensing mapsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.; Sambandham, M.
2002Random fixed point theory for multivalued countably condensing random operatorsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.; Sambandham, M.
Dec-2006Randomness and universal machinesFigueira, S.; Stephan, F. ; Wu, G.
1-Oct-2006Rank and matrix coefficients for simply laced groupsLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
2013Rank p - 1 mod-p H-spacesGrbić, J.; Harper, J.; Mimura, M.; Theriault, S.; Wu, J. 
1999RAT: A quick (and dirty?) push for mobility supportSingh, R.; Tay, Y.C. ; Teo, W.T.; Yeow, S.W. 
Sep-2012Rational analogues of Ramanujan's series for 1/ÏChan, H.H. ; Cooper, S.