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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Object-Oriented Reconstruction for CAD ModellingBok, S.H. ; Nee, A.Y.C. ; Lee, S.L. 
2000Oblique multiwavelets in hilbert spacesTang, W.-S. 
2000Oblique projections, biorthogonal riesz bases and multiwavelets in hilbert spacesTang, W.-S. 
21-Jan-1997Obtaining holonomy from curvatureMcInnes, B. 
Jul-2013Obtaining splits from cut sets of tight spansDress, A.; Moulton, V.; Spillner, A.; Wu, T. 
Jul-1995On (pa, p, pa, pa-1)-relative difference setsMa, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
15-Nov-1995On 2-extendable abelian Cayley graphsChan, O.; Chen, C.C. ; Yu, Q.
Jan-2013On 2-factor hamiltonian regular bipartite graphsKu, C.Y. ; Wong, K.B.
15-Jun-1997On a class of almost perfect sequencesArasu, K.T.; Ma, S.L. ; Voss, N.J.
10-May-1996On a class of Hamiltonian laceable 3-regular graphsAlspach, B.; Chen, C.C. ; McAvaney, K.
6-Apr-2001On a conjecture concerning optimal orientations of the cartesian product of a triangle and an odd cycleKoh, K.M. ; Tay, E.G.
6-Apr-2009On a conjecture concerning the orientation number of a graphNg, K.L. 
Jul-2001On a family of orthonormal scalar wavelets and related balanced multiwaveletsShen, L. ; Tan, H.H. 
Jun-2002On a fourth order equation in 3-DXu, X. ; Yang, P.C.
Oct-1990On a generalization of Albert's theoremLeung, K.H. 
Dec-1997On a generalized difference systemAgarwal, R.P. ; Pang, P.Y.H. 
2006On a generalized eigenvalue problem for nonsquare pencilsChu, D. ; Golub, G.H.
Jun-1994On a new law of the iterated logarithm of Erdo{combining double acute accent}s and RévészShao, Q.-M. 
Apr-1999On a private information game without pure strategy equilibriaKhan, M.A.; Rath, K.P.; Sun, Y. 
10-Jun-2002On a problem related to vortex nucleation of superconductivityPan, X.-B. ; Kwek, K.H.