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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013NdnRezazad, M.; Tay, Y.C. 
Apr-2006Necessary and sufficient conditions for Mcshane's identity and variationsTan, S.P. ; Wong, Y.L. ; Zhang, Y.
1999Necessary and sufficient conditions for the output feedback regularization of descriptor systemsChu, D.L. ; Ho, D.W.C.
2008Nets, (t, s)-Sequences, and codesNiederreiter, H. 
2011Network model and efficient method for detecting relative duplications or horizontal gene transfersZhang, L. ; Ng, Y.K.; Wu, T. ; Zheng, Y.
1990Neural logic programmingReynolds, T.J.; Teh, H.H. ; Low, B.T.
1989Neural three-valued-logic networksChan, S.C. ; Hsu, L.S. ; Brody, S.; Teh, H.H. 
1989Neural three-valued-logic networksChan, S.C. ; Hsu, L.S. ; Brody, S.; Teh, H.H. 
1-Oct-2011New analogues of Clausen's identities arising from the theory of modular formsChan, H.H. ; Tanigawa, Y.; Yang, Y.; Zudilin, W.
Sep-2010New analogues of Ramanujan's partition identitiesChan, H.H. ; Toh, P.C. 
Jan-2002New binary linear codes from algebraic curvesLeung, K.H. ; Ling, S. ; Xing, C. 
Nov-1999New biorthogonal multiwavelets for image compressionTan, H.H. ; Shen, L.-X. ; Tham, J.Y. 
1999New construction of algebraic-geometry codesNiederreiter, H.; Xing, C. ; Lam, K.Y. 
22-Jan-2015New Fibonacci-Like Wild Attractors for Unimodal Interval MapsZHANG RONG
Jul-2006New Hadamard matrices of order 4 p2 obtained from Jacobi sums of order 16Leung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
Dec-2003New Lower Bounds and Constructions for Binary Codes Correcting Asymmetric ErrorsFu, F.-W. ; Ling, S. ; Xing, C. 
1999New multifilter design property for multiwavelet image compressionTham, Jo Yew ; Shen, Lixin ; Lee, Seng Luan ; Tan, Hwee Huat 
Nov-2006New oscillation criteria for first order delay differential equations in a critical stateJiang, J.C. ; Debnath, L.
Jan-2001New partial difference sets in ℤt p 2 and a related problem about Galois ringsHou, X.-D.; Leung, K.H. ; Xiang, Q.