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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2004L 2-metrics, projective flatness and families of polarized abelian varietiesTo, W.-K. ; Weng, L.
Dec-1991L2-approximation by the translates of a function and related attenuation factorsLee, S.L. ; Tan, R.C.E. ; Tang, W.S. 
2006L2-projected least-squares finite element methods for the Stokes equationsDuan, H.-Y. ; Lin, P. ; Saikrishnan, P.; Tan, R.C.E. 
2008Lagrangian-dual functions and Moreau-Yosida regularizationMeng, F.; Zhao, G. ; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
2002Laminar entrance region flow of Herschel-Bulkley fluids in a circular pipeGupta, R.C. 
2000Laminar entry flow of Herschel-Bulkley fluids in a circular pipeGupta, R.C. ; Zhao, Y. 
1996Laminar entry flow of power-law fluids in a circular pipeGupta, R.C. 
Mar-1992Laminar magnetohydrodynamic flow development in a channelGupta, R.C. 
May-1987Laminar two-dimensional entrance region flow of power-law fluidsGupta, R.C. 
Mar-1990Laminar two-dimensional entrance region flow of power-law fluids IIGupta, R.C. 
Aug-2003Landau-de Gennes model of liquid crystals and critical wave numberPan, X.-B. 
2002Landau-Lifshitz equation of ferromagnetism with external magnetic fieldPang, P.Y.H. ; Xiao, J.; Zhou, F.
2011Large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping of orientation distribution functionsDu, J.; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
Jul-1996Large deviations and law of the iterated logarithm for partial sums normalized by the largest absolute observationHorváth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
13-Nov-2007Large games and large asset marketsXU YING
Dec-1988Large scale network analysis with applications to transportation, communication and inference networksTeh, H.H. ; Foo, M.F.
1988Large Scale Network Analysis with Applications to Transportation, Communication and Inference NetworksTeh, H.H. ; Foo, M.F.
1-Jun-2010Lateral hydrodynamic interactions between an emulsion droplet and a flat surface evaluated by frictional force microscopyVakarelski, I.U.; Dagastine, R.R.; Chan, D.Y.C. ; Stevens, G.W.; Higashitani, K.; Grieser, F.
Dec-2002Lattice structure and linear complexity of nonlinear pseudorandom numbersNiederreiter, H. ; Winterhof, A.