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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1989H multiplier results on locally compact vilenkin groupsOnneweer, C.W.; Quek, T.S. 
28-Oct-2003H-domination in graphsKoh, K.M. ; Lim, B.B.; Slater, P.J.
Jun-1984H-extension of graphsShee, S.C. ; Teh, H.H. 
1-Feb-2014Hadamard difference sets related to Lander's conjectureFeng, T.; Leung, K.H. ; Schmidt, B.; Smith, K.W.
2013Hankel matrix rank minimization with applications to system identification and realizationMaryam, F.; Pong, T.K.; Sun, D. ; Tseng, P.
2010Heavenly mathematics & cultural astronomy: A course at the National University of SingaporeAslaksen, H. 
28-Apr-1995Henrici's transformation and its application to the computation of derivatives of eigensystemsTan, R.C.E. ; Andrew, A.L.
Jul-2005Henstock's multiple wiener integral and Henstock's version of Hu-Meyer theoremToh, T.-L.; Chew, T.-S. 
Dec-2004Hermite interpolation in loop groups and conjugate quadrature filter approximationLawton, W.M. 
2011Hermitian K-theory and 2-regularity for totally real number fieldsBerrick, A.J. ; Karoubi, M.; Østvær, P.A.
Aug-2005Hermitian K-theory of the integersBerrick, A.J. ; Karoubi, M.
Aug-2013Hermitian periodicity and cohomology of infinite orthogonal groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Karoubi, M.; Ostvær, P.A.
1988Heuristic solutions for the general maximum independent set problem with applications to expert system designChang, Ifay F.; Shao, Wei-Zhong; Teh, Hoon-Heng 
Feb-2000High Breakdown Estimation for Multiple Populations with Applications to Discriminant AnalysisHe, X. ; Fung, W.K.
2009High minimal pairs in the enumeration degreesSorbi, A.; Wu, G.; Yang, Y. 
24-Jan-2014High-Dimensional Analysis On Matrix Decomposition With Application To Correlation Matrix Estimation In Factor ModelsWU BIN
2004High-dimensional numerical integrationNiederreiter, H. 
2009High-quality curvelet-based motion deblurring from an image pairCai, J.-F. ; Ji, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z.