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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1999Fairing of parametric cubic splinesYe, J.; Qu, R. 
2005Fast algorithms for computing the tripartition-based distance between phylogenetic networksNguyen, N.B.; Thach Nguyen, C. ; Sung, W.-K. 
5-Aug-2009Fast Implementation of Linear Discriminant AnalysisGOH SIONG THYE
Sep-1999Fast implementation of scale-space by interpolatory subdivision schemeWang, Y.-P. ; Qu, R. 
2011Fast iterative solution of large soil-structure interaction problems in varied ground conditionsChaudhary, K.B.; Phoon, K.K. ; Toh, K.C. 
Mar-2003Fast iterative solution of large undrained soil-structure interaction problemsPhoon, K.-K. ; Chan, S.-H.; Toh, K.-C. ; Lee, F.-H. 
Aug-2011Fast optimization for multichannel total variation minimization with non-quadratic fidelityZhang, J.; Wu, C. 
2013Fast sparsity-based orthogonal dictionary learning for image restorationBao, C.; Cai, J.-F.; Ji, H. 
20-May-2010Fast splitting algorithm for multiframe total variation blind video deconvolutionWen, Y.-W.; Liu, C. ; Yip, A.M. 
2003Fibrations and nullificationsBerrick, A.J. ; Dror Farjoun, E.
Dec-1989Fibrations with Hopfian propertiesBerrick, A.J. 
21-Mar-2011Film drainage and coalescence between deformable drops and bubblesChan, D.Y.C. ; Klaseboer, E.; Manica, R.
May-2003Filtrations in Rouquier blocks of symmetric groups and Schur algebrasChuang, J.; Tan, K.M. 
Dec-2009Finite automata presentable abelian groupsNies, A.; Semukhin, P. 
30-Dec-2004Finite element methods based on a new formulation for the non-stationary incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsLin, P. ; Chen, X.; Ong, M.T.
2009Finite horizon optimal investment and consumption with transaction costsMin, D. ; Lishang, J.; Peifan, L.; Fahuai, Y.I.
11-Feb-2010Finite Horizon Portfolio Selection with Transaction CostsLI PEIFAN
17-Aug-2010Finite Horizon Trading Strategy with Transaction Costs and Exponential Utility in a Regime Switching MarketXU SHANGHUA
2014Finite index subgroups of mapping class groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Gebhardt, V.; Paris, L.
2014Finite state incompressible infinite sequencesCalude, C.S.; Staiger, L.; Stephan, F.