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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1996Darling-Erdos-type theorems for sums of Gaussian variables with long-range dependenceHorvàth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
Aug-2011Data generation for application-specific benchmarkingTay, Y.C. 
2015Data-Driven Multi-scale Non-local Wavelet Frame Construction and Image RecoveryQuan Yuhui ; JI HUI ; Shen Zuowei 
2014Data-driven tight frame construction and image denoisingCai, J.-F.; Ji, H. ; Shen, Z. ; Ye, G.-B.
1-Sep-2003De Sitter and Schwarzschild-de Sitter according to Schwarzschild and de SitterMcInnes, B. 
Jun-2009Decay of geometry for unimodal maps: The C2 caseShen, W. 
2000Decomposing quasi-cyclic codesLing, S. ; Solé, P.
23-Sep-2013Decomposition of loop spaces and periodic problem on π*Weidong, C.; Wu, J. 
Mar-2005Decomposition of p-complete H-spaces and related problemsXu, K. 
2013Decompositions of looped co-H-spacesGrbić, J.; Theriault, S.; Wu, J. 
Jun-2007Deconvolution: A wavelet frame approachChai, A.; Shen, Z. 
2010Decoupling inflation from the string scaleMcInnes, B. 
1-Mar-2001Defect 3 blocks of symmetric group algebras, IMartin, S.; Tan, K.M. 
1-Apr-2006Defining relations of invariants of two 3 × 3 matricesAslaksen, H. ; Drensky, V.; Sadikova, L.
1997Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence IILee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
1-Jan-2008Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence III: The case of complex groupsLee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
1998Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence sooLee, T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
20-Aug-1999Degenerate Principal Series Representations of GLnC) and GLn(R)Howe, R.; Lee, S.T. 
1996Degenerate principal series representations of Sp(2n, R)Lee, S.T. 
Dec-2003Degenerate principal series representations of Sp(p, q)Lee, S.T. ; Loke, H.Y.