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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1998∑2 Induction and infinite injury priority argument, Part I: Maximal sets and the jump operatorChong, C.T. ; Yang, Y. 
2001∑2 induction and infinite injury priority arguments, part III: Prompt sets, minimal pairs and shoenfield's conjectureChong, C.T. ; Qian, L.; Slaman, T.A.; Yang, Y. 
15-Jun-2005[3:2]-pairs of symmetric group algebras and their intermediate defect 4 blocksMartin, S.; Tan, K.M. 
1-Nov-20133D chromosome modeling with semi-definite programming and Hi-C dataZhang, Z.; Li, G.; Toh, K.-C. ; Sung, W.-K. 
1-Oct-2005A basis for the G Ln tensor product algebraHowe, R.E.; Tan, E.-C. ; Willenbring, J.F.
Oct-2011A block coordinate gradient descent method for regularized convex separable optimization and covariance selectionYun, S.; Tseng, P.; Toh, K.-C. 
May-2002A braided simplicial groupWu, J. 
2013A cache miss equation for partitioning an NDN content StoreRezazad, M.; Tay, Y.C. 
2008A canonical form for the inclusion principle of dynamic systemsChu, D. ; Šiljak, D.D.
2006A canonical form for the inclusion principle of dynamic systemsChu, D. ; Siljak, D.D.
Mar-2001A capacity analysis for the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocolTay, Y.C. ; Chua, K.C. 
2006A case for TCP-friendly admission controlTam, A.S.-W.; Chiu, D.-M.; Lui, J.C.S.; Tay, Y.C. 
Dec-2001A case study for the open question: Disturbance decoupling problem for singular systems by output feedbackChu, D. 
2002A certain quotient of eta-functions found in Ramanujan's lost notebookBerndt, B.C.; Chan, H.H. ; Kang, S.-Y.; Zhang, L.-C.
2012A characterisation of cycle-disjoint graphs with unique minimum weakly connected dominating setKoh, K.M. ; Ting, T.S.; Dong, F.M.
Nov-2013A characterization of compact complex tori via automorphism groupsFu, B.; Zhang, D.-Q. 
Jun-1988A Chinese genesis: Rewriting the history of our numeral systemLay-Yong, L. 
1999A civil engineering model of protein conformational changeLawton, W. ; Meiyappan, S.; Raghavan, R. ; Viswanathan, R. ; Yu, Y.
Aug-2000A class of ergodic solutions of nonlinear differential equations and numerical treatmentAgarwal, R.P. ; Hong, J.; Liu, Y.