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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2011Efficient estimation of the accuracy of the maximum likelihood method for ancestral state reconstructionMa, B.; Zhang, L. 
Jan-2006Efficient numerical algorithm for multiphase field simulationsVedantam, S. ; Patnaik, B.S.V. 
Oct-2010Efficient numerical methods for computing ground states and dynamics of dipolar Bose-Einstein condensatesBao, W. ; Cai, Y.; Wang, H. 
5-Nov-2013Efficient numerical methods for computing ground states of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates based on their characterizationsBao, W. ; Chern, I.-L.; Zhang, Y.
2002Eigendistributions for orthogonal groups and representations of symplectic groupsHowe, R.; Zhu, C.-B. 
Jan-1998Eigenvalue characterization for (n,p) boundary-value problemsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
Mar-2001Eigenvalue estimates for submanifolds with bounded mean curvature in the hyperbolic spaceCheung, L.-F.; Leung, P.-F. 
2000Eigenvalue theorems for discrete multipoint conjugate boundary value problemsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
Aug-1999Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of discrete conjugate boundary value problemsAgarwal, R.P. ; Bohner, M.; Wong, P.J.Y.
Jun-1998Eigenvalues of an nTH order difference equation with (n, p) type conditionsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
1996Eigenvalues of boundary value problems for higher order differential equationsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
1-Sep-1999Eigenvalues of Lidstone boundary value problemsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
Apr-2006Eigenvalues of scaling operators and a characterization of B-splinesGAO XIAOJIE ; Lee, S.L. ; Sun, Q. 
Apr-2010Eigenvalues of the derangement graphKu, C.Y. ; Wales, D.B.
Mar-2008Eisenstein series and theta functions to the septic baseChan, H.H. ; Cooper, S.
Mar-2000Eisenstein series in Ramanujan's lost notebookBerndt, B.C.; Chan, H.H. ; Sohn, J.; Son, S.H.
Mar-2011Electrically driven incandescence of carbon nanotubes in controlled gaseous environmentsNatarajan, S.; Lim, Z.H. ; Wee, G.; Mhaisalkar, S.G.; Sow, C.-H. ; Ho, G.W. 
Jul-1987Electromagneto-mechanical radiation in elastic ferroelectricsChee-Seng, L. ; Maugin, G.A.
2000Elementary 2-group character codesDing, C. ; Kohel, D. ; Ling, S.