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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2004Domb's numbers and Ramanujan-Sato type series for 1/πChan, H.H. ; Chan, S.H.; Liu, Z.
28-May-2008Domination numbers and zeros of chromatic polynomialsDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. 
2014Double obstacle control problem for a quasilinear elliptic variational inequality with source termChen, Q.; Chu, D. ; Tan, R.C.E.; Ye, Y.
Oct-1996Double positive solutions of (n, p) boundary value problems for higher order difference equationsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
2001Duadic codes over F2 + uF2Ling, S. ; Solé, P.
May-2001Duadic codes over Z2kLing, S. ; Solé, P.
1-Jul-2008Dual pair correspondences for non-linear covers of orthogonal groupsLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
1999Dual pairs correspondences of E8,4 and E7,4Loke, H.Y. 
Jun-2009Dual wavelet frames and riesz bases in sobolev spacesHan, B.; Shen, Z. 
1-Oct-2008DUPCAR: Reconstructing contiguous ancestral regions with duplicationsMa, J.; Ratan, A.; Raney, B.J.; Suh, B.B.; Zhang, L. ; Miller, W.; Haussler, D.
Jun-2006Dynamic cluster formation using level set methodsYip, A.M. ; Ding, C.; Chan, T.F.
1-Apr-2002Dynamic equations on time scales: A surveyAgarwal, R. ; Bohner, M.; O'Regan, D.; Peterson, A.
2011Dynamic texture classification using dynamic fractal analysisXu, Y.; Quan, Y.; Ling, H.; Ji, H. 
2003Dynamical systems generated by rational functionsNiederreiter, H. ; Shparlinski, I.E.
Jul-2009Dynamics of automorphisms on projective complex manifoldsZhang, D.-Q. 
2006Dynamics of rotating Bose-Einstein condensates and its efficient and accurate numerical computationBao, W. ; Du, Q.; Zhang, Y.
1-Oct-2007Dynamics of rotating two-component Bose-Einstein condensates and its efficient computationZhang, Y.; Bao, W. ; Li, H.
May-2007Dynamics of the center of mass in rotating Bose-Einstein condensatesZhang, Y.; Bao, W. 
2-Oct-2007Dynamics of vortices in weakly interacting Bose-Einstein condensatesKlein, A.; Jaksch, D.; Zhang, Y.; Bao, W.