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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2005Using quasi-Monte Carlo methods to evaluate value-at-riskZHANG YUBEI
Jun-2007Using random sets as oraclesHirschfeldt, D.R.; Nies, A.; Stephan, F. 
Feb-2005Valuing employee reload options under the time vesting requirementDai, M. ; Kwok, Y.K.
2011Van Lambalgen's theorem and high degreesFranklin, J.N.Y.; Stephan, F. 
Oct-1996Vanishing sums of mth roots of unity in finite fieldsLam, T.Y.; Leung, K.H. 
8-May-2012Variants of Partial Learning in Inductive InferenceGAO ZIYUAN
Nov-2001Variational inequalities, coincidence theory, and minimax inequalitiesAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
Jul-2013Variational structure-texture image decomposition on manifoldsWu, X.; Zheng, J.; Wu, C. ; Cai, Y.
12-Mar-2008Variations in properties of atomic force microscope cantilevers fashioned from the same waferWebber, G.B.; Stevens, G.W.; Grieser, F.; Dagastine, R.R.; Chan, D.Y.C. 
2006Variations on U-shaped learningCarlucci, L.; Jain, S. ; Kinber, E.; Stephan, F. 
4-Nov-1994Vector bundles over (8k + 1)-dimensional manifoldsNg, T.B. 
Mar-1987Vector-valued idempotent measuresChoy, S.T.L. 
15-Nov-1985Vector-valued probability measures on semigroupsChoy, S.T.L. ; Husain, T.
1998Vexillary Elements in the Hyperoctahedral GroupBilley, S.; Lam, T.K. 
Jun-2009Viewpoint invariant texture description using fractal analysisXu, Y.; Ji, H. ; Fermüller, C.
31-Jul-2009Vinogradov's theorem and its generalization on primes in arithmetic progressionWONG WEI PIN
2012Viscous conservation laws with boundaryDeng, S. ; Wang, W.; Yu, S.-H. 
2011Visual tracking with generative template model based on riemannian manifold of covariancesChen, M.; Pang, S.K.; Cham, T.J.; Goh, A. 
Dec-2002Volumes of complex analytic subvarieties of Hermitian symmetric spacesHwang, J.-M.; To, W.-K.