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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005SARS in Singapore: Surveillance strategies in a globalising cityTeo, P. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. ; Ong, S.N.
2008Satellite observations of coastal changes in aceh after the 2004 tsunamiLiew, S.C. ; Kwoh, L.K. ; Gupta, A. ; Wong, P.P. 
15-Dec-2009Satellite Remote Sensing of Suspended Sediment Concentrations in Turbid RiversWANG JIANJUN
1995Seagrass loss associated with boat moorings at Rottnest Island, Western AustraliaHastings, K.; Hesp, P. ; Kendrick, G.A.
5-Aug-2011Seasonal changes of nutrient fluxes in the Upper Changjiang basin: An example of the Longchuanjiang River, ChinaLu, X.X. ; Li, S. ; He, M.; Zhou, Y.; Bei, R.; Li, L.; Ziegler, A.D. 
2003Seasonal water discharge and sediment load changes in the Upper Yangtze, ChinaLu, X.X. ; Ashmore, P.; Wang, J.F.
2013Sectoral Aspects. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fifth Assessment Report of the IntergovernmentalJiang T.; Fischer T.; Lu X.X. 
2013Securing a better living environment for left-behind children: Implications and challenges for policiesLam, Choy Fong Theodora ; Ee, Miriam; Anh, Hoang Lan; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
1-Dec-2008Sediment and carbon transport in a meso-scale mountainous tributary of the Zhujiang (Pearl River), ChinaZHANG SHURONG
4-Jun-2009Sediment and Organic Carbon Variability in a Tropical Urban Catchment.LAM RUIXIANG DARYL
2015Sediment budget as affected by construction of a sequence of dams in the lower Red River, Viet NamLu X.X. ; Oeurng C.; Le T.P.Q.; Thuy D.T.
2001Sediment delivery to the Three Gorges 2: Local responseLu, X.X. ; Higgitt, D.L.
2001Sediment delivery to the three gorges: 1. Catchment controlsHiggitt, D.L. ; Lu, X.X. 
2010Sediment deposition and erosion during the extreme flood events in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze RiverDai, S.B.; Lu, X.X. 
17-Aug-2011Sediment Dynamics in Irrawaddy River, MyanmarSWE HLAING WIN
1995Sediment facies of an embayed coastal sand body, Pakiri, New ZealandHilton, M.J. 
2008Sediment flux sensitivity to climate change: A case study in the Longchuanjiang catchment of the upper Yangtze River, ChinaZhu, Y.-M.; Lu, X.X. ; Zhou, Y.
2008Sediment loadLu, X.X. ; Higgitt, D.L. 
2014Sediment load and carbon burial in the Yellow River during the HoloceneLu X. ; Ran L.