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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2005Made in Hong Kong? Unpacking the transnational linkages of the Hong Kong film industryLIM KEAN FAN
Jan-2010Maiden voyages: Eastern Indonesian women on the move by Catharina Purwani WilliamsYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
1998Maids and ma'ams in Singapore: Constructing gender and nationality in the transnationalization of paid domestic workHuang, S. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. 
1-Jun-2011Major element chemistry in the upper Yangtze River: A case study of the Longchuanjiang RiverLi, S. ; Lu, X.X. ; He, M.; Zhou, Y.; Bei, R.; Li, L.; Ziegler, A.D. 
2009Major ion chemistry and dissolved inorganic carbon cycling in a human-disturbed mountainous river (the Luodingjiang River) of the Zhujiang (Pearl River), ChinaZhang, S. ; Lu, X.X. ; Higgitt, D.L. ; Sun, H.; Han, J.
2010Making connections: Global production networks and world city networksCoe, N.M.; Dicken, P.; Hess, M.; Yeung, H.W.-C. 
2016‘Making Live’ and ‘Letting Die’: The Biopolitics of Transgender Spatialities in SingaporeLim Xiao Qi
2003"Making Place": The "Pacific Solution" and Australian emplacement in the Pacific and on refugee bodiesRajaram, P.K. 
2009Making sense of 'Asian' families in the age of migrationYeoh, B.S.A. 
Jan-2009Making sustainable creative/cultural space in Shanghai and SingaporeKong, L. 
2009Making sustainable creative/cultural space in Shanghai and SingaporeKong, L. 
Nov-2011Making the most of diversity? the intercultural city project and a rescaled version of diversity in Auckland, New ZealandCollins, F.L. ; Friesen, W.
2000Malacca Strait including Singapore and Johore StraitsWong, P.P. 
2012Mandai mangrove, Singapore: Lessons for the conservation of Southeast Asia's mangrovesFriess, D.A. ; Phelps, J.; Leong, R.C.; Lee, W.K.; Wee, A.K.S.; Sivasothi, N. ; Oh, R.R.Y.; Webb, E.L. 
Dec-2013Mangrove biomass estimation in Southwest Thailand using machine learningJachowski, N.R.A.; Quak, M.S.Y.; Friess, D.A. ; Duangnamon, D.; Webb, E.L. ; Ziegler, A.D.
2017Mangroves Land Cover Changes along North Coast of North Sumatra from 1990-2016Rui Xiang TEO
Jan-2013Manufacturing and Distribution Strategies, Distribution Channels, and Transaction Costs: The Case of Parallel Imported AutomobilesYeung, G. ; Mok, V.
2001Mapping 'new' geographies of religion: Politics and poetics in modernityKong, L. 
2015Mapping above-ground biomass in a tropical forest in Cambodia using canopy textures derived from Google EarthSingh, Minerva; Evans, Damian H; Friess, Daniel Adam ; Tan, Bounsuy; Nin, Chansamean