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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2003Zebrafish atonal homologue zath3 is expressed during neurogenesis in embryonic developmentWang, X.; Emelyanov, A.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
Mar-2010Zebrafish cardiac enhancer trap lines: New tools for in vivo studies of cardiovascular development and diseasePoon, K.-L.; Liebling, M.; Kondrychyn, I.; Garcia-Lecea, M.; Korzh, V. 
Mar-2008Zebrafish cdx1b regulates expression of downstream factors of Nodal signaling during early endoderm formationCheng, P.-Y.; Lin, C.-C.; Wu, C.-S.; Lu, Y.-F.; Lin, C.Y.; Chung, C.-C.; Chu, C.-Y.; Huang, C.-J.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Korzh, S. ; Wu, J.-L.; Hwang, S.-P.L.
1-Dec-2011Zebrafish enhancer TRAP transgenic line database ZETRAP 2.0Kondrychyn, I.; Teh, C.; Garcia-Lecea, M.; Guan, Y.; Kang, A.; Korzh, V. 
1999Zebrafish expressed sequence tags and their applicationsGong, Z. 
May-2011Zebrafish for drug toxicity screening: Bridging the in vitro cell-based models and in vivo mammalian modelsSukardi, H.; Chng, H.T.; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Gong, Z. ; Lam, S.H. 
15-Mar-2013Zebrafish hoxd4a Acts Upstream of meis1.1 to Direct Vasculogenesis, Angiogenesis and HematopoiesisAmali, A.A.; Sie, L.; Winkler, C. ; Featherstone, M.
2005Zebrafish id2 developmental expression pattern contains evolutionary conserved and species-specific characteristicsChong, S.-W.; Nguyen, T.-T.-H.; Chu, L.-T.; Korzh, V. ; Jiang, Y.-J. 
Dec-2005Zebrafish id2 developmental expression pattern contains evolutionary conserved and species-specific characteristicsChong, S.-W.; Nguyen, T.-T.-H.; Chu, L.-T.; Jiang, Y.-J.; Korzh, V. 
12-May-2008Zebrafish liver and pancreas development: 1. Roles of rbp4 in early liver formation; 2. Genetic ablation to deduce pancreas cell lineageLI ZHEN
Aug-2011Zebrafish mRNA sequencing deciphers novelties in transcriptome dynamics during maternal to zygotic transitionAanes, H.; Winata, C.L.; Lin, C.H.; Chen, J.P.; Srinivasan, K.G.; Lee, S.G.P.; Lim, A.Y.M.; Hajan, H.S.; Collas, P.; Bourque, G.; Gong, Z. ; Korzh, V.; Aleström, P.; Mathavan, S.
2009Zebrafish spotted-microarray for genome-wide expression profiling experiments. Part I: array printing and hybridization.Lam, S.H. ; Mathavan, S. ; Gong, Z. 
2009Zebrafish spotted-microarray for genome-wide expression profiling experiments: data acquisition and analysis.Lam, S.H. ; Krishna Murthy Karuturi, R.; Gong, Z. 
15-Apr-2006Zebrafish Staufen1 and Staufen2 are required for the survival and migration of primordial germ cellsRamasamy, S.; Wang, H.; Quach, H.N.B.; Sampath, K. 
14-Feb-2006Zebrafish transgenic Enhancer TRAP line database (ZETRAP)Choo, B.G.H.; Kondrichin, I.; Parinov, S.; Emelyanov, A.; Go, W.; Toh, W.-C.; Korzh, V. 
Jul-2008Zebrafish whole-adult-organism chemogenomics for large-scale predictive and discovery chemical biology.Lam, S.H. ; Mathavan, S. ; Tong, Y. ; Li, H.; Karuturi, R.K.; Wu, Y.; Vega, V.B.; Liu, E.T.; Gong, Z. 
6-Mar-2014Zebrafish yap1 plays a role in differentiation of hair cells in posterior lateral lineLoh, S.-L.; Teh, C.; Muller, J.; Guccione, E.; Hong, W.; Korzh, V. 
Nov-2008Zfp143 regulates Nanog through modulation of Oct4 bindingChen, X.; Fang, F.; Liou, Y.-C. ; Ng, H.-H. 
6-Nov-2009Zfp206, Oct4, and Sox2 are integrated components of a transcriptional regulatory network in embryonic stem cellsYu, H.-B. ; Kunarso, G.; Hong, F.H.; Stanton, L.W.
2007Zic3 is required for maintenance of pluripotency in embryonic stem cellsLim, L.S.; Bakre, M.; Stanton, L.W. ; Loh, Y.-H.; Zhang, W.; Chen, X.; Wang, Y. ; Ng, H.-H. ; Li, Y.