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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Aug-2008K-ras/PI3K-Akt signaling is essential for zebrafish hematopoiesis and angiogenesisLiu, L. ; Zhu, S. ; Gong, Z. ; Low, B.C. 
17-May-2011Kabutos, a new genus for the western Pacific leucosiid crab, Merocryptus durandi Serene, 1955 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura)Komatsu, H.; Ng, P.K.L. 
2000Kainate-induced neuronal injury leads to persistent phosphorylation of cAMP response element-binding protein in glial and endothelial cells in the hippocampusOng, W.-Y.; Lim, H.M.; Lim, T.M. ; Lutz, B.
16-Aug-2002kappa-Hefutoxin1, a novel toxin from the scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes with unique structure and function. Importance of the functional diad in potassium channel selectivity.Srinivasan, K.N.; Sivaraja, V.; Huys, I.; Sasaki, T.; Cheng, B. ; Kumar, T.K.; Sato, K.; Tytgat, J.; Yu, C.; San, B.C.; Ranganathan, S. ; Bowie, H.J.; Kini, R.M. ; Gopalakrishnakone, P.
1-Jan-2003KDBI: Kinetic data of Bio-molecular interactions databaseJi, Z.L. ; Chen, X. ; Zhen, C.J.; Yao, L.X.; Han, L.Y. ; Yeo, W.K. ; Chung, P.C.; Puy, H.S.; Tay, Y.T.; Muhammad, A.; Chen, Y.Z. 
12-Oct-2010Kempella nom. nov., a replacement name for Kempina Manning, 1978 (Crustacea: Stomatopoda: Squillidae), preoccupied by Kempina Roewer, 1911, a junior synonym of Zaleptus Thorell, 1877 (Arachnida: Opiliones: Sclerosomatidae)Low, M.E.Y. ; Ahyong, S.T.
Jan-2010Kinetics of single DNA compaction by hexaammine cobalt chlorideFu, W. ; Chen, H. ; Li, M.; Yan, J. 
Nov-2004Klebsiella singaporensis sp. nov., a novel isomaltulose-producing bacteriumLi, X.; Zhang, D.; Chen, F.; Ma, J.; Dong, Y.; Zhang, L. 
Sep-2009KLF4 and PBX1 directly regulate NANOG expression in human embryonic stem cellsChan, K.K.-K.; Zhang, J.; Chia, N.-Y.; Chan, Y.-S.; Sim, H.S.; Tan, K.S.; Oh, S.K.-W.; Ng, H.-H. ; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE 
2010Knowledge-guided docking of flexible ligands to SH2 domain proteinsLu, H.; Rashid, S.B.B.S. ; Li, H.; Leow, W.K. ; Liou, Y.-C. 
2009Knowledge-guided docking of WW domain proteins and flexible ligandsLu, H.; Li, H.; Banu Bte Sm Rashid, S. ; Leow, W.K. ; Liou, Y.-C. 
19-Dec-2008Kottelatlimia hipporhynchos, a new species of loach from southern Borneo (Teleostei: Cobitidae)Kottelat, M.; Heok, H.T. 
28-Sep-2010Kraussia Dana, 1852 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura), the senior homonym of Kraussia Davidson, 1852 (Brachiopoda: Terebratulida: Terebratellidina): Confirmation and authorship of the replacement name Kraussina Suess, 1859Low, M.E.Y. ; Clark, P.F.
4-Jul-2012Kume tigra, a new genus and new species of carupine swimming crab (Crustacea: Brachyura: Portunidae) from Kume Island, Ryukyu Islands, JapanNaruse, T.; Ng, P.K.L. 
Aug-2000L-Cysteine is a competitive inhibitor of pyruvate kinase from the intertidal sipunculan, Phascolosoma arcuatumTeo, D.S.Y.; Chew, S.F.; Ip, Y.K. 
30-Sep-2007l-Methionine sulfoximine as a novel selection agent for genetic transformation of orchidsChai, D.; Lee, S.M.; Ng, J.H.; Yu, H. 
1-Oct-2003Laboratory assessment of the efficiency of encasing materials against house dust mites and their allergensMahakittikun, V.; Komoltri, C.; Nochot, H.; Angus, A.C.; Chew, F.T. 
24-May-2011Labuanium vitatum (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Sesarmidae), a new Indo-West Pacific species of arboreal crabNg, P.K.L. ; Davie, P.J.F.
Feb-2008Lack of morphological coevolution between male forelegs and female wings in Themira (Sepsidae: Diptera: Insecta)Ingram, K.K.; Laamanen, T.; Puniamoorthy, N. ; Meier, R.