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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015C-Myb+ Erythro-myeloid progenitor-derived fetal monocytes give rise to adult tissue-resident macrophagesHoeffel, G.; Chen, J.; Lavin, Y.; Low, D.; Almeida, F.F.; See, P.; Beaudin, A.E.; Lum, J.; Low, I.; Forsberg, E.C.; Poidinger, M. ; Zolezzi, F.; Larbi, A.; Ng, L.G. ; Greter, M.; Becher, B.; Samokhvalov, I.M.; Merad, M.; Ginhoux, F. 
2007C-reactive protein collaborates with plasma lectins to boost immune response against bacteriaNg, P.M.L.; Le, Saux A.; Lee, C.M.; Ding, J.L. ; Tan, N.S.; Lu, J. ; Ho, B. ; Thiel, S.
2004C-reactive protein: A predominant LPS-binding acute phase protein responsive to Pseudomonas infectionNg, P.M.L.; Jin, Z. ; Tan, S.S.H.; Ding, J.L. ; Ho, B. 
2004C-reactive protein: A predominant LPS-binding acute phase protein responsive to Pseudomonas infectionNg, P.M.L. ; Jin, Z. ; Tan, S.S.H.; Ho, B.; Ding, J.L. 
12-Jan-2006C-terminal attachment of ligands to proteins for immobilization onto a supportYAO, SHAO QIN ; TAN, LAY PHENG ; LUE, YEE PENG RINA 
2011C-terminal Substitution of MDM2 interacting peptides modulates binding affinity by distinctive mechanismsBrown, C.J.; Dastidar, S.G.; Quah, S.T.; Lim, A.; Chia, B.; Verma, C.S. 
27-Sep-2011Calappa exanthematosa Alcock & Anderson, 1894, as a valid species of box crab from the Indian Ocean (Crustacea: Decapoda: Calappidae)Ng, P.K.L. ; Lai, J.C.Y. ; Ghotbeddin, N.; Safaie, M.
19-Jul-2012Calappa karenae, a new species of box crab from Guam (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Calappidae)Ng, P.K.L. ; Lai, J.C.Y. 
29-Apr-2009Calappoidea and Leucosioidea (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) from Luzon, Philippines, with descriptions of two new species of MursiaGalil, B.S.; Ng, P.K.L. 
19-Aug-2009Calcium regulation of an actin springTam, B.K.; Shin, J.H.; Pfeiffer, E.; Matsudaira, P. ; Mahadevan, L.
6-Aug-2012Calibration and limits of camera-based fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: A supported lipid bilayer studyBag, N.; Sankaran, J.; Paul, A.; Kraut, R.S.; Wohland, T. 
Aug-2003Can an in silico drug-target search method be used to probe potential mechanisms of medicinal plant ingredients?Chen, X. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Chen, Y. 
Jun-2009Can artificial substrates enriched with crustose coralline algae enhance larval settlement and recruitment in the fluted giant clam (Tridacna squamosa)?Neo, M.L.; Todd, P.A. ; Teo, S.L.-M. ; Chou, L.M. 
21-Aug-2009Can DNA sequences help with sorting biodiversity samples?LIM SHIMIN GWYNNE
Jul-2008Can giant clam (Tridacna squamosa) populations be restored on Singapore's heavily impacted coral reefs?Guest, J.R. ; Todd, P.A. ; Goh, E. ; Sivaloganathan, B. ; Reddy, K.P. 
Sep-2007Can YouTube save the planet?Clements, R. ; Bickford, D. ; Lohman, D.J. 
24-Jul-2013Cancer (mantis) digitalis herbst, 1793, an objective synonym of oratosquillina quinquedentata (brooks, 1886): Neotype designation and reversal of precedence (crustacea: Stomatopoda: Squillidae)Ahyong, S.T.; Low, M.E.Y. 
20-Sep-2012Cancer amoenus Herbst, 1799, a junior subjective synonym of Atelecyclus undecimdentatus (Herbst, 1783) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Atelecyclidae)Low, M.E.Y.; Ng, P.K.L. 
28-Dec-2001Cancer chemopreventive activity of naphthoquinones and their analogs from Avicennia plantsItoigawa, M.; Ito, C.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Okuda, M.; Tokuda, H.; Nishino, H.; Furukawa, H.
Jan-2004Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Rotenoids from Derris trifoliataIto, C.; Itoigawa, M.; Kojima, N.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Takayasu, J.; Tokuda, H.; Nishino, H.; Furukawa, H.