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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2009A checklist of spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) from Peninsular Malaysia inclusive of twenty new recordsNorma-Rashid, Y.; Li, D. 
31-Dec-2002A checklist of spiders from Singapore (Arachnida: Araneae)Song, D.X.; Zhang, J.X.; Li, D. 
Jul-1998A cladistic study of family Sematophyllaceae in ChinaTan, B.C. ; Yu, J.
Apr-1999A class of neuroD-related basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors expressed in developing central nervous system in zebrafishLiao, J.; He, J. ; Yan, T.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
2013A cle-wox signalling module regulates root meristem maintenance and vascular tissue development in riceChu, H.; Liang, W.; Li, J.; Hong, F.; Wu, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, J.; Wu, P.; Liu, C.; Zhang, Q.; Xu, J. ; Zhang, D.
15-Nov-2011A coiled-coil- and C2-domain-containing protein is required for FAZ assembly and cell morphology in Trypanosoma bruceiZhou, Q. ; Liu, B.; Sun, Y.; He, C.Y. 
1-Sep-2013A col10a1: NlGFP transgenic line displays putative osteoblast precursors at the medaka notochordal sheath prior to mineralizationRenn, J. ; Büttner, A.; To, T.T.; Chan, S.J.H.; Winkler, C. 
2009A combined crystallographic and molecular dynamics study of cathepsin L retrobinding inhibitorsShenoy, R.T.; Kumar, S. ; Joseph, L.; Sivaraman, J. ; Chowdhury, S.F.; Purisima, E.O.
22-Oct-2009A combined crystallographic and molecular dynamics study of cathepsin L retrobinding inhibitorsShenoy, R.T.; Chowdhury, S.F.; Kumar, S. ; Joseph, L. ; Purisima, E.O.; Sivaraman, J. 
2010A comparative proteomic analysis reveals a new bi-lobe protein required for bi-lobe duplication and cell division in Trypanosoma bruceiZhou, Q. ; Gheiratmand, L.; Chen, Y.; Lim, T.K. ; Zhang, J.; Li, S.; Xia, N.; Liu, B.; Lin, Q. ; He, C.Y. 
1-Dec-2008A comparative study of mating behaviour and sexual dimorphisms in sepsidae (Dlptera)NALINI D/O PUNIAMOORTHY
2013A comparison and optimization of methods and factors affecting the transformation of Escherichia coliChan, W.-T.; Verma, C.S. ; Lane, D.P.; Gan, S.K.-E.
2002A comparison of bird communities of two fragmented and two continuous southeast Asian rainforestsSodhi, N.S. 
2-Feb-1999A comparison of Bradyrhizobium strains using molecular, cultural and field studiesFrémont, M.; Prin, Y.; Chauviére, M.; Diem, H.G.; Pwee, K.H. ; Tan, T.K. 
2011A comparison of methods for data-driven cancer outlier discovery, and an application scheme to semisupervised predictive biomarker discoveryKarrila, S.; Lee, J.H.E.; Tucker-Kellogg, G. 
Jun-2011A comparison of the dynamics of pantothenate synthetase from M. tuberculosis and E. coli: Computational studiesTan, Y.S.; Fuentes, G.; Verma, C. 
Oct-2003A comparison of the effects of environmental ammonia exposure on the Asian freshwater stingray Himantura signifer and the Amazonian freshwater stingray Potamotrygon motoroIp, Y.K. ; Tam, W.L.; Wong, W.P.; Loong, A.M.; Hiong, K.C.; Ballantyne, J.S.; Chew, S.F.
2011A computational and experimental study of the regulatory mechanisms of the complement systemLiu, B. ; Zhang, J.; Tan, P.Y.; Hsu, D. ; Blom, A.M.; Leong, B.; Sethi, S.; Ho, B.; Ding, J.L. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
Jan-2009A conceptual framework for predicting the effects of urban environments on florasWilliams, N.S.G.; Schwartz, M.W.; Vesk, P.A.; McCarthy, M.A.; Hahs, A.K.; Clemants, S.E.; Corlett, R.T. ; Duncan, R.P.; Norton, B.A.; Thompson, K.; McDonnell, M.J.