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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Understanding interpersonal trust in a Confucian-influenced society: An exploratory studyTan, H.H. ; Chee, D.
May-2003Union commitment, perceived behavioral control and union participationWan, David Tai Wai ; Ng, Siew Chin
2001Unionization in Singapore: A social psychological studyWan Tai Wai, D. ; Lin, C.P.
2011Unraveling the Daily Stress Crossover Between Unemployed Individuals and Their Employed SpousesSong, Z. ; Foo, M.-D.; Uy, M.A.; Sun, S.
Oct-2007Unraveling the stress crossover between the unemployed and their spousesSong, Zhaoli ; Maw-Der Foo; Marilyn A. Uy; Shuhua Sun
Mar-2009Using a repeated-measures approach to validating personality tests in small samples: A feasibility study with implications for small businessesBing, M.N.; Davison, H.K.; Arvey, R. 
May-2003War with SARS : an empirical study of knowledge of SARS transmission and attitude toward working with SARS victims among SingaporeansLim, Vivien K. G. 
2003War with SARS: An Empirical Study of Knowledge of SARS Transmission and Effects of SARS on Work and the OrganisationsLim, V.K.G. 
2007Ways of interacting: The standardization of communication in medical trainingIslam, G.; Zyphur, M. 
Aug-1998What's in the package? : policies for the internal cultivation of human resources and for high performance operationsBarnard, Mark E. ; Rodgers, Ronald A. 
2006When and how does business group affiliation promote firm innovation? A tale of two emerging economiesChang, S.-J.; Chung, C.-N. ; Mahmood, I.P. 
2011When does Ethical Code Enforcement Matter in the Inter-Organizational Context? The Moderating Role of Switching CostsColwell, S.R.; Zyphur, M.J. ; Schminke, M.
Sep-2010When home invades the workplace and work comes home to roost: examining behaviors that cross the work-family boundarySong, Zhaoli ; Tong, Yew Kuan; Wu, Pei Chuan 
2007When supplier ethical policies matter to a buyer (Or don't): The moderating role of switching costColwell, S.R.; Zyphur, M.J. 
2004When the cat's away: A content analysis of MNC overseas recruitment print adsLeong, S.M. ; Tan, H.H. ; Loh, M.S.-Y.
2009Who are the online grocers?Hui, T.-K. ; Wan, D. 
2009Will you trust your new boss? The role of affective reactions to leadership successionBallinger, G.A.; Schoorman, F.D.; Lehman, D.W. 
2011Work and Nonwork Outcomes of Workplace Incivility: Does Family Support Help?Lim, S. ; Lee, A.
2002Work context and the definition of self: How organizational care influences organization-based self-esteemMcAllister, D.J. ; Bigley, G.A.