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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Macro-economic outcomes of corruption: A longitudinal empirical studySoon, L.G. 
2003Managerial structure of business groups in Taiwan: The inner circle system and its social organizationChung, C.-N. 
2003Managing HIV at the Workplace: An Empirical Study of HIV and HR Managers in SingaporeLim, V.K.G. 
24-Sep-2018Mapping futures studies scholarship from 1968 to present: A bibliometric review of thematic clusters, research trends, and research gapsAlessandro Fergnani
2001Markets, culture and institutions: The emergence of large business groups in Taiwan, 1950s-1970sChung, C.-N. 
2012Meta-analysis and the development of knowledgeChan, M.E.; Arvey, R.D. 
2009Mind your E-manners: Impact of cyber incivility on employees' work attitude and behaviorLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
6-Dec-2006Mind your e-manners: Impact of cyber incivility on justice, emotions and individual responsesCHIN JEN YUIN
2010Moderating effects of extroversion and neuroticism on sleep deprivation and cyberloafingKrishnan, S.; Lim, V.K.G. 
2011Momentum and the performance-risk relationship: Evidence from professional footballLehman, D.W. ; Hahn, J.
2008Mood Spillover and Crossover Among Dual-Earner Couples: A Cell Phone Event Sampling StudySong, Z. ; Foo, M.-D.; Uy, M.A.
2015Moralized leadership: The construction and consequences of ethical leader perceptionsFehr, Ryan; Yam, Kai Chi ; Dang, Carolyn
Jun-2005Motivating knowledge sharingHo, Beng Chia ; Kamdar, Dishan ; Nosworthy, Glenn J. ; Yue, Wah Chay 
May-2006Multi-level influences on individual perceptions of organizational citizenship behavior normsLim, Ghee Soon 
2013National culture and cultural orientations of owners affecting the innovation-growth relationship in five countriesRauch, A.; Frese, M. ; Wang, Z.-M.; Unger, J.; Lozada, M.; Kupcha, V.; Spirina, T.
2-Sep-2008New directions for OCB research: Incorporating the employees' perspectiveSANKALP CHATURVEDI
Jul-1996On the social networks of managersCarroll, Glenn R. ; Teo Chu Ying Albert 
2014Organisational age cultures: The interplay of chief executive officers age and attitudes toward younger and older employeesZacher, H.; Gielnik, M.M. 
May-2000Organisational strategy, strategic HRM and firm performance : a structural equation modelling (SEM) approachWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat ; Kok, Victor Chau Fuat
2008Organizational and personal predictors of teacher commitment: The mediating role of teacher efficacy and identification with schoolChan, W.-Y.; Lau, S.; Nie, Y.; Lim, S. ; Hogan, D.