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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011EditorialLim, V.K. 
May-2003Effects of different stressors on job satisfaction and career commitment : the case of Singapore teachersWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat ; Koh, Christopher Jude
May-2006Effects of group characteristics on group-level organization citizenship behaviorLim, Ghee Soon 
May-2006Effects of individual-perceived and aggregate group norms on organizational citizenship behaviorLim, Ghee Soon 
2009Effects of interpersonal trust on employee avoidance and approach self-regulationBigley, G.A.; McAllister, D.J. ; Tan, H.H.
2012Effects of kin density within family-owned businessesSpranger, J.L.; Colarelli, S.M.; Dimotakis, N.; Jacob, A.C.; Arvey, R.D. 
2003Effects of parental job insecurity and parenting behaviors on youth's self-efficacy and work attitudesLim, V.K.G. ; Loo, G.L. 
2009Effects of personality on individual earnings: Leadership role occupancy as a mediatorZhang, Z.; Arvey, R.D. 
2006Effects of team inputs and intrateam processes on perceptions of team viability and member satisfaction in nascent venturesFoo, M.-D. ; Sin, H.-P.; Yiong, L.-P.
11-Aug-2014Emotional Certainty & Domain Specificity of Entrepreneurial DecisionsRASHMI SAHAI
2004Emotional intelligence and negotiation: The tension between creating and claiming valueDer Foo, M. ; Elfenbein, H.A.; Tan, H.H. ; Aik, V.C.
2011Emotionality and leadership: Taking stock of the past decade of researchRajah, R.; Song, Z. ; Arvey, R.D. 
2001Enacting and Reproducing Social and Individual Identity through MediationChia, H.-B. ; Chong, C.-L. ; Lee-Partridge, J.-E. ; Hwee, C.C.S.; Wei-Fei, S.F.K. 
2008Engineering the engineers: Socialization tactics and new engineer adjustment in organizationsKowtha, N.R. 
2012Entrepreneurship as a Key Element in Advancing the Psychology of Competitive AdvantageRauch, A.; Frese, M. 
2012Envy as pain: Rethinking the nature of envy and its implications for employees and organizationsTai, K.; Narayanan, J. ; McAllister, D.J. 
2011Erratum to A Twenty-First Century Assessment of Values Across the Global Workforce(J Bus Ethics, (2011), 104, (1-31), DOI 10.1007/s10551-011-0835-8)Ralston, D.A.; Egri, C.P.; Reynaud, E.; Srinivasan, N.; Furrer, O.; Brock, D.; Alas, R.; Wangenheim, F.; Darder, F.L.; Kuo, C.; Potocan, V.; Mockaitis, A.I.; Szabo, E.; Gutiérrez, J.R.; Pekerti, A.; Butt, A.; Palmer, I.; Naoumova, I.; Lenartowicz, T.; Starkus, A.; Hung, V.T.; Dalgic, T.; Molteni, M.; de la Carranza, M.T.G.; Maignan, I.; Castro, F.B.; Moon, Y.; Terpstra-Tong, J.; Dabic, M.; Li, Y.; Danis, W.; Kangasniemi, M.; Ansari, M.; Riddle, L.; Milton, L.; Hallinger, P.; Elenkov, D.; Girson, I.; Gelbuda, M.; Ramburuth, P.; Casado, T.; Rossi, A.M.; Richards, M.; Van Deusen, C.; Fu, P.-P.; Wan, P.M.K.; Tang, M.; Lee, C.-H.; Chia, H.-B. ; Fan, Y.; Wallace, A.
21-Mar-2014Essays on Alliance Portfolio Reconfiguration Following A Technological DiscontinuityNAVID ASGARI
2011Establishing the Next Generation at Work: Leader Generativity as a Moderator of the Relationships Between Leader Age, Leader-Member Exchange, and Leadership SuccessZacher, H.; Rosing, K.; Henning, T.; Frese, M.