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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2001A comparative study of crisis management planning in Singapore and Hong KongWU WEI ; Dai, Shiyan
2006A contingency theory of political connections: Business group diversification in emverging economiesChi-Nien, C. ; Mahmood, I. 
2011A critical review of the effects of entrepreneurship training in developing countriesGlaub, M.; Frese, M. 
2013A dynamic perspective on affect and creativityBledow, R.; Rosing, K.; Frese, M. 
3-May-2005A hypercube model of ICT (Information and communications technology) strategy: Towards a theory of competency maturityWANG SYAN, PAUL
Nov-2007A plea for methodological diversityGreenberg, J. 
Dec-2011A polymorphism in the serotonin receptor 5-HT2A gene, stressors, and momentary job satisfaction : an experience sampling studySong, Zhaoli ; Nan Wang; Wendong Li; Richard D. Arvey ; Saw Seang Mei 
2002A study in the seasonal variation of Japanese tourist arrivals in SingaporeHui, T.-K. ; Yuen, C.C. 
May-2003A study on the mainland chinese tourist arrivals to SingaporeHui, Tak Kee ; Wan, David 
2011A Twenty-First Century Assessment of Values Across the Global WorkforceRalston, D.A.; Egri, C.P.; Reynaud, E.; Srinivasan, N.; Furrer, O.; Brock, D.; Alas, R.; Wangenheim, F.; Darder, F.L.; Kuo, C.; Potocan, V.; Mockaitis, A.I.; Szabo, E.; Gutiérrez, J.R.; Pekerti, A.; Butt, A.; Palmer, I.; Naoumova, I.; Lenartowicz, T.; Starkus, A.; Hung, V.T.; Dalgic, T.; Molteni, M.; de la Garza Carranza, M.T.; Maignan, I.; Castro, F.B.; Moon, Y.; Terpstra-Tong, J.; Dabic, M.; Li, Y.; Danis, W.; Kangasniemi, M.; Ansari, M.; Riddle, L.; Milton, L.; Hallinger, P.; Elenkov, D.; Girson, I.; Gelbuda, M.; Ramburuth, P.; Casado, T.; Rossi, A.M.; Richards, M.; van Deusen, C.; Fu, P.-P.; Wan, P.M.K.; Tang, M.; Lee, C.-H.; Chia, H.-B. ; Fan, Y.; Wallace, A.
1-Jan-2014Abusive supervision through the lens of employee state paranoiaChan, M.E.; McAllister, D.J. 
2015Action and action-regulation in entrepreneurship: Evaluating a student training for promoting entrepreneurshipGielnik, Michael M.; MICHAEL FRESE ; Kahara-Kawuki, Audrey; Katono, Isaac Wasswa; Kyejjusa, Sarah; Ngoma, Muhammed; Munene, John C.; Namatovu-Dawa, Rebecca; Nansubuga, Florence; Orobia, Laura A.; Oyugi, Jacob; Sejjaaka, Samuel K.; Sserwanga, Arthur; Walter, Thomas; Bischoff, Kim Marie; Dlugosch, Thorsten J.
2006Action-state orientation and the theory of planned behavior: A study of job search in ChinaSong, Z. ; Wanberg, C.; Niu, X.; Xie, Y.
Sep-2001Adoption of the Internet and wap-enabled phones : the case of SingaporeTeo, Thompson S. H. ; Lim, Vivien K. G. ; Siau, Heong Pok
Jul-2013Advancing Our Understanding of Team Motivation: Integrating Conceptual Approaches and Content AreasPark, G.; Spitzmuller, M. ; DeShon, R.P.
2011Age and leadership: The moderating role of legacy beliefsZacher, H.; Rosing, K.; Frese, M. 
2006"All in a day's work": How follower individual differences and justice perceptions predict OCB role definitions and behaviorKamdar, D.; McAllister, D.J. ; Turban, D.B.
Nov-2007Alliances and performance in the airline industry, 1998-2002 : a network perspectiveTeo, Albert C. Y. ; Leong, Arthur K. C.
2012Alternative reference points and outcome evaluation: The influence of affectJohnson, M.D.; Ilies, R. ; Boles, T.L.