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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-May-2004The effects of task centrality and supervisor observation on employees' reactions to helpSAMIA DINA
Mar-2014The Emergence of Evidence-Based EntrepreneurshipFrese, M. ; Rousseau, D.M.; Wiklund, J.
Apr-2012The evolving impact of combinatorial opportunities and exhaustion on innovation by business groups as market development increases : the case of Taiwan, 1981-2000Ishtiaq P. Mahmood ; Chung, Chi-Nien ; Mitchell, Will 
May-2013The evolving impact of combinatorial opportunities and exhaustion on innovation by business groups as market development increases: The case of TaiwanMahmood, I. ; Chung, C.-N. ; Mitchell, W.
2007The feasibility of training and development of EI: An exploratory study in Singapore, Hong Kong and TaiwanWong, C.-S.; Foo, M.-D. ; Wang, C.-W.; Wong, P.-M.
Feb-2011The generalizability of leadership across activity domains and time periodsPark, K.W.; Arvey, R.D. ; Tong, Y.K.
2009The genetic basis of entrepreneurship: Effects of gender and personalityZhang, Z.; Zyphur, M.J.; Narayanan, J. ; Arvey, R.D. ; Chaturvedi, S.; Avolio, B.J.; Lichtenstein, P.; Larsson, G.
2009The genetics of economic risk preferencesZyphur, M.J.; Narayanan, J. ; Arvey, R.D. ; Alexander, G.J.
Mar-2014The global context and people at work: Special issue introductionKraimer, M.L.; Takeuchi, R.; Frese, M. 
2012The heritability of emergent leadership: Age and gender as moderating factorsChaturvedi, S.; Zyphur, M.J.; Arvey, R.D. ; Avolio, B.J.; Larsson, G.
2011The impact of expatriate supporting practices and cultural intelligence on cross-cultural adjustment and performance of expatriates in SingaporeWu, P.-C. ; Ang, S.H.
23-Sep-2003The impact of leader-member exchange and dyadic member exchange relation on group commitment and communication behaviorsXU JINGPING
Oct-2007The impact of relationship self-efficacy and cognitive appraisals on affective responses to social interactionsSong, Zhaoli ; Angeline Lim; Maw-Der Foo; Marilyn Ang Uy
10-May-2007The impact of the entrepreneur's goal orientation and commitment on coping strategies: Implications on entrepreneurial outcomesMARILYN ANG UY
2003The impact of time structure and time usage on willingness to retire and accept bridge employmentLim, V.K.G. ; Feldman, D.
13-Mar-2004The influence of business travel on the family: Moderating effects of family characteristics and perception of business travelZHU WEICHUN
2011The influence of general mental ability, self-esteem and family socioeconomic status on leadership role occupancy and leader advancement: The moderating role of genderLi, W.-D.; Arvey, R.D. ; Song, Z. 
11-Jun-2009The influence of perceived support on service providers' organizational citizenship behavior: A multi-focal perspectiveHU ZHEHUA
2002The IT way of loafing on the job: Cyberloafing, neutralizing and organizational justiceLim, V.K.G.