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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2013Support, undermining, and newcomer socialization: Fitting in during the first 90 daysKammeyer-Mueller, J.; Wanberg, C.; Rubenstein, A.; Song, Z. 
2008Technical opinion: Bosses and their e-mannersLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. ; Chin, J.Y.
2004Technological entrepreneurship in emerging regionsPhan, P.H.; Der Foo, M. 
2002Temporary employees in Singapore: what drives them?Tan, H.H. ; Tan, C.P.
2007Testing 1, 2, 3, ...4? The personality of repeat SAT test takers and their testing outcomesZyphur, M.J. ; Islam, G.; Landis, R.S.
2009Testing a Social-Cognitive Model of Moral Behavior: The Interactive Influence of Situations and Moral Identity CentralityAquino, K.; Freeman, D.; Reed II, A.; Lim, V.K.G. ; Felps, W.
2009Testosterone-status mismatch lowers collective efficacy in groups: Evidence from a slope-as-predictor multilevel structural equation modelZyphur, M.J.; Narayanan, J. ; Koh, G. ; Koh, D. 
Apr-2007The adoption and diffusion of human resources information systems in SingaporeTeo, T.S.H. ; Lim, G.S. ; Fedric, S.A.
2011The affective shift model of work engagementBledow, R.; Schmitt, A.; Frese, M. ; Kühnel, J.
Sep-2010The blurred work-family boundary : a study on overtime work and working from homeSong, Zhaoli ; Wu, Pei Chuan ; Tong, Yew Kuan; Wang, Yongli
Apr-2012The bounds of boundaryless careers : the contigent value of human capital in job mobilityChang, Sea-Jin ; Kim, Young-Choon ; Park, Sangchan 
21-Nov-2006The business of schools: Corporatization of schools and its impact on the meaning of workLIM WAI YEEN, ISSAC
22-Apr-2013The consequences of envy and feeling enviedTAI TZE SUEN, KENNETH
2010The cultural dynamics of rewarding honesty and punishing deceptionWang, C.S. ; Leung, A.K.-Y.
Feb-2001The culture of voice : exploring the relationship between employee voice and organizational cultureKowtha, N. Rao ; Landau, Jacqueline; Chia, Ho Beng 
2011The dynamics of the performance-risk relationship within a performance period: The moderating role of deadline proximityLehman, D.W. ; Hahn, J.; Ramanujam, R.; Alge, B.J.
2006The ecological interdependence of emergent and established organizational populations: Legitimacy transfer, violation by comparison, and unstable identitiesDobrev, S.D.; Ozdemir, S.Z.; Teo, A.C. 
2008The effects of cognitive ability and conscientiousness on performance over time: A censored latent growth modelZyphur, M.J. ; Bradley, J.C.; Landis, R.S.; Thoresen, C.J.
2011The effects of culture and friendship on rewarding honesty and punishing deceptionWang, C.S. ; Leung, A.K.Y.; See, Y.H.M.; Gao, X.Y.