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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2006Descartes and Leibniz on human free-will and the ability to do otherwiseWee, C. 
2002Descartes and Mencius on self and communityWee, C. 
2008Descartes' dualism and contemporary dualismWee, C. ; Pelczar, M. 
7-Jan-2009Descartes's Morale par Provision: The Morale as MethodCHONG KEVIN
1-Jan-2012Descartes's ontological proof of God's existenceWee, C. 
2002Descartes's two proofs of the external worldWee, C. 
19-May-2010Desire: A comparative Study of Levinasian Concept of desire and Buddhist Concept of DesireREV RALUWE PADMASIRI THERO
Jun-2013Distinguishing belief and imaginationSinhababu, N. 
Dec-2010Divination and autonomy: New perspectives from excavated textsRaphals, L. 
2009Does Plantinga's evolutionary argument against naturalism work?Lee, W.-Y. 
Feb-2014Early Confucian Concept of Yi and Deliberative DemocracyTan, S.-H. 
17-Jan-2011Emmanuel Levinas and Harry Frankfurt: Subjectivity and the Reasons of LoveANURATHA SELVARAJ
5-Jan-2010Emotions in Early ConfucianismONG BENDICK
5-Nov-2004Environmental ethics and the moral status of animalsF. M. ZAMIRUL ISLAM
3-Nov-2009Establishing a Filipino Identity using the Philosophy of Michel FocaultCHRISTOPHER DABAN DAGUIMOL
1992Ethical egoism and the moral point of viewChong, C.K. 
7-Sep-2005Excursions on the way: A comparative study of Wang Bi's Laozi and John Finnis' new classical natural law theory with special attention to the relations between metaphysical speculation and political theorizingCHUA SOO MENG, JUDE
Aug-2011Expertise, Argumentation, and the End of InquiryGelfert, A. 
23-Feb-2007Exploring The Agonistic Critique Of Deliberative Democratic Theory: The space of Passions and Rhetoric in Democratic Deliberation.MARK LAWRENCE M. SANTIAGO