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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Aug-2009Are Political Apologies Justified?ALDO DENNIS C. JOSON
17-Mar-2009Are there Internal Reasons?PHAN SHIAW HWA JASON
15-Jan-2015Arguments for Material Nihilism: Taking a Closer LookCHONG BAO SHEN KENNETH
May-2012Art history, the problem of style, and Arnold Hauser's contribution to the history and sociology of knowledgeGelfert, A. 
2010Authoritative Master Kong (Confucius) in an authoritarian ageTan, S.-H. 
Mar-2013Before biopolis: Representations of the biotechnology discourse in SingaporeGelfert, A. 
Oct-2009Beyond elitism: A community ideal for a modern East AsiaTan, S.-H. 
2008Can minimalism account for the value of truth?Moad, E. 
2001Cartesian environmental ethicsWee, C. 
2004China's pragmatist experiment in democracy: Hu Shih's pragmatism and Dewey's influence in ChinaTan, S.-H. 
2009Comparing phases of skepticism in al-Ghazālī and Descartes: Some first meditations on deliverance from errorMoad, O.E. 
2007Confucian democracy as pragmatic experiment: Uniting love of learning and love of antiquityTan, S.-H. 
2007Confucian ethics and "the age of biological control"Nuyen, A.T. 
2000Confucian Ethics and the critique of ideologyChan, A.K.L. 
Nov-2011Confucian role-based ethics and strong environmental ethicsNuyen, A.T. 
2010Confucianism and democracyTan, S.-H. 
2002Confucianism and the idea of citizenshipNuyen, A.T. 
2001Confucianism and the idea of equalityNuyen, A.T. 
2003Confucianism, Globalisation and the Idea of UniversalismNuyen, A.T.