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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jan-2012T cell responses in Helicobacter pylori - Associated gastroduodenal diseasesVICTORIA SERELLI LEE SHAN
1995T-cell receptor gene expression in tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes and peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinomaChen, Y.; Chew, C.T.; Chan, S.H. 
2003Tandem repeats of Sushi3 peptide with enhanced LPS-binding and -neutralizing activitiesLi, C. ; Ng, M.L.P.; Zhu, Y.; Ding, J.L. ; Ho, B. 
2006Targeting tumours by adoptive transfer of immune cellsMacAry, P.A. ; Too, C.T.; Dai, X.
2-Feb-2009Targetting EBV associated malignancies using HLA-A2/EBNA-1 specific monoclonal antibodiesEIO YATING, MICHELLE
2010Teaching hand hygiene to medical students using a hands-on approachFisher, D. ; Ng, T.M. ; Patlovich, K.; Teo, F.; Hsu, L.Y. ; Pereira, L. 
1995Teaching microbiology with hypertext: First steps towards a virtual textbookInglis, T.J.J. ; Fu, B.; Kwok-Chan, L.
1996Teaching problem-solving skills by analogyInglis, T.J.J. 
Mar-1996Teaching problem-solving skills by analogyInglis, T.J.J. 
Mar-2007Terminology for Blastocystis subtypes - a consensusStensvold, C.R.; Suresh, G.K.; Tan, K.S.W. ; Thompson, R.C.A.; Traub, R.J.; Viscogliosi, E.; Yoshikawa, H.; Clark, C.G.
2007TFIIB/SUA7(E202G) is an allele-specific suppressor of TBP1(E186D)Chew, B.S.; Lehming, N. 
5-Jun-2007The 3a accessory protein of SARS coronavirus specifically interacts with the 5′UTR of its genomic RNA, using a unique 75 amino acid interaction domainSharma, K.; Surjit, M.; Satija, N.; Liu, B. ; Chow, V.T.K. ; Lai, S.K.
Oct-2010The 7a accessory protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus acts as an RNA silencing suppressorKarjee, S.; Minhas, A.; Sood, V.; Ponia, S.S.; Banerjea, A.C.; Chow, V.T.K. ; Mukherjee, S.K.; Lal, S.K.
1995The adhesion of Helicobacter pylori extract to four mammalian cell linesHo, B. ; Jiang, B.
1995The adhesion of Helicobacter pylori extract to four mammalian cell linesHo, B. ; Jiang, B.
Aug-1964The agar gel-diffusion technique as a method of differentiating mosquito eggsZaman, V. ; Chellappah, W.T.
2-Apr-2008The airbone metagenome in an indoor urban environmentTringe, S.G.; Zhang, T.; Liu, X. ; Yu, Y.; Lee, W.H.; Yap, J.; Yao, F.; Suan, S.T.. ; Ing, S.K.; Haynes, M.; Rohwer, F.; Wei, C.L.; Tan, P. ; Bristow, J.; Rubin, E.M.; Ruan, Y. 
2005The ancient origin of the complement systemZhu, Y.; Thangamani, S. ; Ding, J.L. ; Ho, B. 
2005The antimicrobial properties of C-reactive protein (CRP)Tan, S.S.H.; Ng, P.M.L.; Ding, J.L. ; Ho, B.