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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Value incongruity and strategic choicePant, P.N. ; Lachman, R.
1992Variable evaluation costs and the design of fallible hierarchies and polyarchiesKoh, W.T.H. 
Oct-1995Variations in public good contributions between communitiesLim, Chin 
Nov-2010Vehicle ownership and usage chargesMuthukrishnan, S. 
7-Feb-2006Venture capital investment strategy in emerging markets: A resource approachLU QING
Feb-1995Voluntary contributions to public goods and the hegemon theory of international public goodsLim, Chin 
2006What determines the scope of the firm over time and around the world? An Asia Pacific perspectivePeng, M.W.; Delios, A. 
2006When and how does business group affiliation promote firm innovation? A tale of two emerging economiesChang, S.-J.; Chung, C.-N. ; Mahmood, I.P. 
2009When experience meets national institutional environmental change: Foreign entry attempts of U.S. Firms in the Central and Eastern European RegionXia, J.; Boal, K.; Delios, A. 
2009Whether and how: Effects of international joint ventures on local innovation in an emerging economyMahmood, I.P. ; Zheng, W.
2004Who bears the risk of mistake?Leng, T.K. 
2009Who follows whom? Asymmetric competition in cross-border market expansionHsieh, K.-Y. ; Chen, M.-J.
2007Wireless Internet access and potential liabilitiesLeng, T.K. 
2008Within-country product diversification and foreign subsidiary performanceDelios, A. ; Xu, D.; Beamish, P.W.
1997Workers' perceptions of automated production work in Singapore's electronics industryNgin, P.M.; Wong, P.-K.