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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Legal effects of input errors in eContractingLeng, T.K. 
2005Legal person ownership, diversification strategy and firm profitability in ChinaDelios, A. ; Wu, Z.J.
2004Lessons from Government's role in electronic contractingHu, Q.; Wu, X.; Wang, C.K. 
2001Leveraging multinational corporations, fostering technopreneurship: The changing role of S&amp;T policy in SingaporeWong, P.K. 
2001Leveraging multinational corporations, fostering technopreneurship: The changing role of S&T policy in SingaporeWong, P.K. 
1998Leveraging the Global Information Revolution for Economic Development: Singapore's Evolving Information Industry StrategyWong, P.-K. 
Apr-1998Location preference and country-of-origin effect of FDI im China : an empirical analysisZhu, Gangti ; Zhao, Hongxin 
2002Locational determinants of Japanese foreign direct investment in ChinaZhou, C.; Delios, A. ; Yang, J.Y.U.
1994Making decisions in committees a human fallibility approachKoh, W.T.H. 
1994Management information systems issues of the 1990s in the Republic of China: An industry analysisWang, P. ; Turban, E.
2008Managing human resources for service excellence and cost effectiveness at Singapore AirlinesWirtz, J. ; Heracleous, L.; Pangarkar, N. 
2005Managing relational bond: An integrative approachHwang, P. 
2009Mapping multinational operationsBirnik, A. ; Moat, R.
1991Market uncertainty and competitive equilibrium entryAppelbaum, E.; Lim, C. 
2007Marketing mix standardization in multinational corporations: A review of the evidenceBirnik, A. ; Bowman, C.
Jan-2002Marketing of credence products : a game theoretic perspective on the underselling of antiquesLee, Khai Sheang ; Lim, Wei Shi ; Sim, Siew Lien 
2008ME too or not me? The influence of the structure of competition on mimetic market entryHsieh, K.-Y. ; Vermeulen, F.
2009Medical research ethics: What we need to comply when obtaining informed consent from human subjects?Tay, C.S.K. 
1996Minimax rendezvous on the lineLim, W.S. ; Alpern, S.
2000Mode of entry choice: An empirical study of Singaporean multinationalsSreenivas Rajan, K.; Pangarkar, N.