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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Failure-induced learning, causal ambiguity, and foreign market entryYang, J.Y.; Li, J.; Delios, A. 
2013Fast-mover advantages: Speed capabilities and entry into the emerging submarket of atlantic basin LNGHawk, A.; Pacheco-De-Almeida, G.; Yeung, B. 
2007Financing, regulatory costs and entrepreneurial propensityHo, Y.-P. ; Wong, P.-K. 
1993First-mover advantage and organizational structureKoh, W.T.H. 
2004Foreign expansion in service industries - Separability and human capital intensityBouquet, C.; Hébert, L.; Delios, A. 
Oct-2004From T-mazes to labyrinths: Learning from model-based feedbackDenrell, J.; Fang, C. ; Levinthal, D.A.
2008From technology adopter to innovator: SingaporeWong, P.K. ; Singh, A. 
2-Aug-2006Generators' market power in Singapore's wholesale electricity marketGE CHANG
2003Global and national factors affecting e-commerce diffusion in SingaporeWong, P.-K. 
Jul-2001Global or cross production networks and the political economy of regionalismLow, Linda 
Dec-2001Globalisation and poverty reduction : can the rural por benefit from globalisation? : an Asian perspectiveLow, Linda 
May-2001Globalisation of the Asian economies : shaken, stirred or blended?Low, Linda 
2002Globalisation of US, European and Japanese production networks and the growth of Singapore's electronics industryWong, P.-K. 
2005Government's dilemma: The role of government in imitation and innovationMahmood, I.P. ; Rufin, C.
2015Green consumerism and pollution controlChander P.; Muthukrishnan, Subhashini 
2005Growth dynamics: The bidirectional relationship between interfirm collaboration and business sales in entrant and incumbent alliancesSingh, K. ; Mitchell, W.
Aug-1996Growth strategies of Singapore Telecommunications LimitedNg, Seok Hui ; Lim, Gaik Eng
1998Guided competition in Singapore's telecommunications industrySingh, K. 
2010Harmonious corporate governanceMorck, R.; Yeung, B. 
Oct-1995Hegemon theory of international public goodsLim, Chin