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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Decomposability in knowledge structures and its impact on the usefulness of inventions and knowledge-base malleabilityYayavaram, S. ; Ahuja, G.
2007Deconstructing the Nasdaq bubble: A look at contagion across international stock marketsHon, M.T.; Strauss, J.K.; Yong, S.-K. 
2003Determinants of alliance duration in uncertain environments: The case of the biotechnology sectorPangarkar, N. 
1998Determinants of ownership preference of international joint ventures: New evidence from Chinese manufacturing industriesZhao, H.; Zhu, G. 
Oct-2004Determinants of venture performance in SingaporeWang, C.K. ; Ang, B.L.
2008Developing actionable strategyBirnik, A. ; Moat, R.
Apr-1999Developing the extended web model : a cultural framework for organizational developmentHeracleous, Loizos 
1996Differential total factor productivity in the four dragons: The Singapore caseToh, M.-H. ; Low, L. 
4-Jul-2006Diversification and diffusion - A social networks and neo-institutional approachZHOU NAN
2007Diversification and performance: Evidence from east Asian firmsChakrabarti, A.; Singh, K. ; Mahmood, I. 
1-Dec-2004Diversification of China's firms during economic transitionsQIAN LIHONG
2009Do firms learn from alliance terminations? An empirical examinationPangarkar, N. 
2001Do firms seek symmetric alliance partners? An exploratory studyPangarkar, N. ; Choo, A.
2005Do international joint ventures foster or inhibit innovative activities in emerging economies?Mahmood, I.P. ; Weiting, Z.
2013Do multinational and domestic corporations differ in their leverage policies?Park, S.H.; Suh, J.; Yeung, B. 
2005Do others think you have a viable business idea? Team diversity and judges' evaluation of ideas in a business plan competitionDer Foo, M. ; Kam Wong, P. ; Ong, A.
2002Do venture capitalists add value? A comparative study between Singapore and USWang, C.K. ; Wang, K.; Lu, Q. 
Apr-1999Does Singapore need a code of best practices in corporate governance?Heracleous, Loizos 
Jul-1998Does the Asian financial crisis discredit the Asian miracle ?Sikorski, Douglas