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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1999Capital account liberalisation in a globalised context and the Asian financial crisisLow, Linda 
2007Characteristics and determinants of informal investment in SingaporeWong, P.K. ; Ho, Y.P. 
2007China and TaiwanChow, K.B.; Leo, K.M.; Leong, S. ; Hsiao, J.
Apr-2002China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial ParkWang, Pien ; Inkpen, Andrew C.
2008Coevolution of institutions and corporations in emerging economies: How the Salim Group morphed into an institution of Suharto's crony regimeDieleman, M. ; Sachs, W.M.
2007Commercializing biomedical science in a rapidly changing "triple-helix" nexus: The experience of the National University of SingaporeWong, P.-K. 
2009Comparing two economic regions: Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore growth triangle and Pearl River Delta regionHeng, T.M. ; Thangavelu, S.
2005Competing at the frontier: The changing role of technology policy in Singapore's economic strategyKoh, W.T.H.; Wong, P.K. 
1995Competing in the Global Electronics Industry: A Comparative Study of the Innovation Networks of Singapore and TaiwanPoh-Kam, W. 
1995Competitive advantages : do you have it?Stone, Philip B. ; Lok, Jeffrey Sin Hun
2005Competitive strategies of Asian high-tech firms: The challenge of late-industrialisationWong, P.-K. ; Mathews, J.
2008Component change and architectural change in the search for firms' technological innovationsYayavaram, S. ; Chen, W.-R.
2005Concluding leases by e-mailLeng, T.K. 
2008Concluding remarks: Implications for public policyKuroiwa, I.; Heng, T.M. 
2004Contagion in financial markets after september 11: Myth or reality?Hon, M.T.; Strauss, J.; Yong, S.-K. 
2009Contest with pre-contest investmentFu, Q. ; Lu, J.
2009Contributing knowledge to knowledge repositories: Dual role of inducement and opportunity factorsSubramanian, A.M. ; Soh, P.-H. 
1998Control mechanisms, key personnel appointment, control and performance of Sino-Singaporean joint venturesWang, P. ; Wee, C.H. ; Koh, P.H.
2007Copyright infringement in a borderless world - Does territoriality matter?: Society of composers, authors and music publishers of Canada v Canadian association of internet providers [2004] 2 SCR 427Leong, S.H.S. ; Saw, C.L.
2008Corporate governance and risk-takingJohn, K.; Litov, L.; Yeung, B.