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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990A comparative evaluation of the government's role in national airlinesSikorski, D. 
2005A comparative study of innovation behaviour in Singapore's KIBS and manufacturing firmsWong, P.K. ; He, Z.-L.
2006A contingency theory of political connections: Business group diversification in emverging economiesChi-Nien, C. ; Mahmood, I. 
2008A contingent model of network utilization in early financing of technology venturesZhang, J.; Souitaris, V.; Soh, P.-H. ; Wong, P.-K. 
2007A new tale of two cities: Japanese FDIs in Shanghai and Beijing, 1979-2003Ma, X.; Delios, A. 
1992A note on modelling tournamentsKoh, W.T.H. 
1994A reexamination of the consumption function using frequency domain regressionsCorbae, D.; Ouliaris, S. ; Phillips, P.C.B.
2002A resource-based view of manufacturing strategy and the relationship to manufacturing performanceAnand, J.; Delios, A. 
Nov-1997A structural view of organizational discoursesHeracleous, Loizos ; Hendry, John
31-Mar-2004A study of information technology (IT) adoption among doctors in SingaporeCHIN LING FANG, REGINA
Dec-1995A study of the management practices of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in SingaporeChng, Hak Kee 
2006A theory of affirmative action in college admissionsFu, Q. 
1997Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage: A resource-based view of sport sponsorshipAmis, J.; Pant, N. ; Slack, T.
2008AcknowledgementsKuroiwa, I.; Heng, T.M. 
20-Oct-2005Acquirer performance and its determinants: Testing cross-border M&A in AsiaXIAO WEIYUN
2004Adapting a foreign direct investment strategy to the knowledge economy: The case of Singapore's emerging biotechnology clusterFinegold, D.; Wong, P.-K. ; Cheah, T.-C.
Jul-1995Adoption and implementation of advanced manufacturing technology in SingaporeZhao, Hongxin ; Co, Henry C. 
Dec-2006Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc. - covering the wounds without the financesPangarkar Nitin ; Hutmacher, Dietmar W. ; Nigam, Avinav.
1995Advantages, disadvantages, facilitators, and inhibitors of computer-aided instruction in Singapore's secondary schoolsWang, P. ; Chan, P.S.
1995AFTA + NAFTA : the ultimate alliance?Stone, Philip B.