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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Tablet excipients and mixer energy consumption in wet granulationWan, L.S.C. ; Prasad, K.P.P.
Mar-2006Tannic acid, a potent inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinaseYang, E.B.; Wei, L.; Zhang, K.; Chen, Y.Z. ; Chen, W.N.
7-May-2007Tanshinone IIB, a primary active constituent from Salvia miltiorrhza, exhibits neuro-protective activity in experimentally stroked ratsYu, X.-Y.; Lin, S.-G.; Zhou, Z.-W.; Chen, X.; Liang, J.; Duan, W.; Yu, X.-Q.; Wen, J.-Y.; Chowbay, B.; Li, C.-G.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Chan, E. ; Zhou, S.-F.
17-Aug-2009Targeted delivery of resveratrol for colonSURAJIT DAS
27-Dec-2011Targeted metabolism and non-targeted plasma profiling in equine modelTHIRU SELVI D/O SELVARAJAH
1-Aug-2010Targeted therapy at the end of life for patients with lung cancerWong, A.S.; Teo, C.; Lim, S.-W. ; Wong, E.; Soo, R.A. ; Chan, N.
1-Sep-2012Targeted therapy at the end of life in advanced cancer patientsSoh, T.I.P.; Yuen, Y.-C.; Teo, C.; Lim, S.-W. ; Chan, N.; Wong, A.S.C.
2010Targeted therapy of cancer using photodynamic therapy in combination with multi-faceted anti-tumor modalitiesOlivo, M. ; Bhuvaneswari, R.; Lucky, S.S.; Dendukuri, N.; Thong, P.S.-P.
2007Targeting of Sp1 transcription factor: A novel therapeutic approach for Keloids, an in vitro analysisMukhopadhyay, A. ; Cheong, H.H.; Chan, S.Y. ; Khoo, A. ; Lim, I.J. ; Phan, T.T. ; Aalami, O.
Dec-2007Targeting of Sp1 transcription factor: A novel therapeutic approach for Keloids, an in vitro analysisMukhopadhyay, A.; Khoo, A.; Cheong, H.H.; Chan, S.Y. ; Aalami, O.; Lim, I.J.; Phan, T.T.
Aug-2006Targeting t-cell adhesion molecules for drug designJois, S.D.S. ; Jining, L.; Nagarajarao, L.M.
2005Teaching of clinical pharmacogenetics for pharmacy students at the National University of SingaporeZhou, S.F. 
1987Technique of measuring rapid water penetration rate into tabletsWan, L.S.C. ; Heng, P.W.S. 
15-Aug-2011Temperature and time effects on the structural properties of a non-aqueous ethyl cellulose topical drug delivery systemBruno, L.; Kasapis, S.; Chaudhary, V.; Chow, K.T.; Heng, P.W.S. ; Leong, L.P. 
17-Dec-2003Temperature sensitive poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels for protein deliveryWU JING YI
17-May-2002Terpenes in ethanol: Haloperidol permeation and partition through human skin and stratum corneum changesVaddi, H.K; Ho, P.C ; Chan, Y.W; Chan, S.Y 
2002Terpenes in propylene glycol as skin-penetration enhancers: Permeation and partition of haloperidol, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetryVaddi, H.K.; Ho, P.C. ; Chan, S.Y. 
1-Nov-2006Thai pharmacists' understanding, attitudes, and perceived barriers related to providing pharmaceutical careNgorsuraches, S.; Li, S.C. 
Mar-2013The A3 adenosine receptor as multifaceted therapeutic target: Pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, and in silico approachesCheong, S.L. ; Federico, S.; Venkatesan, G.; Mandel, A.L. ; Shao, Y.-M.; Moro, S.; Spalluto, G.; Pastorin, G.